CoD leaker reveals Modern Warfare 2 will be brutally realistic: weapons, gore, more

CoD Modern Warfare 2022 details leakedActivision

A supposed Call of Duty leaker has revealed plenty of new details about Infinity Ward’s rumored sequel to Modern Warfare 2019 and explained how the game’s realism will be unheard of for the series.

Of course, before we begin, take all of these claims with a grain of salt, but if what this leaker is saying turns out to be true, Modern Warfare 2 could be one of the craziest Call of Duty games of all time, especially the campaign.

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According to insider RalphValve, the campaign will be influenced by the United States’ controversial “War on Drugs” and will have some similarities to movies such as “Sicario,” “Traffic,” and “No Country for Old Men.”

While the theme is already one audiences could very well fall in love with, the gameplay, realism, and brutality could be on a whole other level.

MW2 to feature “realistic gore” and death animations

RalphValve states that the game will have unique death animations where characters may not die immediately depending on where they’re shot.

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“Contingent on the calibre of bullet, combatants will lose limbs — often remaining conscious, squirming and screaming,” the insider claimed. “They’ll also put pressure on wounds in an attempt to stop the bleeding.”

“They’ll beg for their lives, insult you, call out for their mother, hallucinate, gurgle/ moan/ groan/ death rattle, convulsions,” the leaker further added.

This then leads into a Red Dead Redemption-style “Moral Compass” system where the player’s actions will impact the story.

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Modern Warfare 2 realistic gameplay revealed

“During high-intensity moments, your character will react accordingly. Throughout an ambush sequence where your patrol vehicle is under attack from hostile fire, the character your playing as is visibly shaken up,” Ralph said, explaining how the character’s hands will tremble and his voice will quiver.

There will also supposedly be a new weapon jam animation, which will cause the operator to jerk the bolt to expend the wasted bullet.

Further, there will reportedly be new complexity to clearing rooms with the player able to request assistance. In the first mission of the game, TF141 and members of the domestic military are tasted with infiltrating a safe house belonging to a drug lord.

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The player will be able to choose between going in guns blazing or covertly, allowing for multiple styles of play, but depending on what you pick, certain characters will die.

As always, take all this information with a grain of salt, as Call of Duty Vanguard isn’t even released yet, but the 2022 CoD installment could be legendary if these details are accurate.

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