CoD fans revolt after leak claims Last Stand will return in Modern Warfare 2

. 4 months ago
Modern Warfare 2 Captain Price with Last Stand Perk logo

The Last Stand Perk has always been one of the most controversial features in the CoD series, and fans have expressed their anger after a leak hinted that it could return in Modern Warfare 2.

The news that 2022’s Call of Duty will be Modern Warfare 2 understandably has many players incredibly hyped. The 2009 original is one of the most beloved entries in the series, and there are plenty of features and maps that the community would love to see make a comeback.

Leaks have already hinted at the likes of Terminal and Favela being available in multiplayer, as well as welcome changes to SBMM to make it far more lenient than it has been in recent entries.

However, the recent reports that the controversial Last Stand Perk will be making a return in Modern Warfare 2 have been far less well-received, and players have made it abundantly clear that they do not want to see it in 2022.

Modern Warfare 2 Estate map
Modern Warfare 2 is beloved among CoD fans, but not every feature needs to return in 2022.

Last Stand is a Perk that sees players drop to the floor and pull out their pistol, rather than dying immediately, to score some last-minute kills. It hasn’t featured in CoD multiplayer since the original Modern Warfare 2, but has shown up in the campaign and Zombies modes.

It’s a feature that has caused plenty of frustration among the community, as it could lead to untimely deaths even if you win the first gunfight. This recent leak suggested that Last Stand would be present in Modern Warfare 2, only this time as a Field Upgrade rather than one of a player’s perk slots.

Responding to a Tweet from Charlie INTEL asking if the feature should come back, CoD fans made it clear that Last Stand should stay in 2009, and that it was “removed for a reason” all those years ago.

Absolutely the f**k not,” replied Modern Warzone. “Might as well bring back Martyrdom and Juggernaut too while we’re at it.”

Other replies argued that shootouts in Call of Duty already have too many variables, and Last Stand would only make matters worse. “No, I already have enough to worry about in a gunfight,” said hakenthe28th. “I do not need to pop a blood vessel over this.”

Some even went as far as to say that it would spoil the multiplayer experience altogether. “MP is already in a decline. This would kill it,” said Psycho Raged. “This would literally ruin the entire game,” argued xwindwaker.

There’s no denying that reintroducing Last Stand would change the dynamics of many gunfights, especially if it became the go-to Field Upgrade for most players.

If the leaks about Last Stand featuring in Modern Warfare 2 are true, then it’s clear that the community, for the most part, feels it would make the game worse overall. Hopefully, Infinity Ward take the fanbase’s criticism on board.

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