CoD leaker reveals major multiplayer details for 2022’s Modern Warfare II

. 4 months ago
Modern Warfare next to Khandor Hideout with logo

A reputable Call of Duty leaker has unveiled a host of details relating to CoD 2022’s multiplayer, giving us our first ideas of what Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare II will really look like. 

Despite the relative newness of Call of Duty: Vanguard, many CoD fans are already turning their attention forward to the series’ 2022 installment, which has now been confirmed as a Modern Warfare 2019 sequel developed by Infinity Ward. 

Details on the new title are scarce – as expected roughly eight months before launch. However, all reports surrounding the game are largely positive, with many claiming it is set to be one of the strongest CoD games ever released.

New details relating to its multiplayer have now been revealed, courtesy of reputable CoD leaker TheMW2Ghost. While past leaks do not guarantee the veracity of these new details, the insider has been behind a number of accurate leaks in the past, relating to both annual installments and Warzone.

MOdern Warfare charcater with logo next to him
Modern Warfare II is expected to drop in late 2022.

Firstly, they dropped a host of information pertaining to multiplayer maps, claiming that it will be most similar to the DLC maps that accompanied Modern Warfare 2019 – maps like Khandor Hideout, Petrov Oil Rig, and Hovec Sawmill.

They claimed many maps will follow a “brighter aesthetic” and that “map design is led with the concept of retaining the traditional Call of Duty experience while staying true to the Infinity Ward flare.”

Finally, some maps did have doors on them (a controversial mechanic in recent CoD titles), but this is a feature that could change prior to the game’s launch.

Modern Warfare II Multiplayer Leaks screenshot from Twitter

The leaker also gave some indications of how the game itself will feel, suggesting that movement is slightly quicker than MW 2019, but not as fast as this year’s Vanguard. Combat Pacing is also set to return.

They also stated that current builds of the game feature classic killstreaks – UAV and Chopper Gunner – and a classic minimap.

In comments that will only increase players’ anticipation, they summarized: “[The] game is looking remarkably polished considering it’s only February… I am genuinely positive for MW II this year.”

While every Call of Duty game receives the ‘hype treatment’ prior to its launch, there is something tangibly different about MWII, with all who’ve seen it repeating how well-developed it appears. Only time will tell if those hopes are borne out.

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