All Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2 Killstreaks revealed

Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks listActivison

Killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2 are going to be essential for maximizing your total kills and taking home the win in a match, so here’s a full rundown of all the available killstreaks.

While weapons, perks, and field upgrades are all essential aspects of Modern Warfare 2, it wouldn’t be a Call of Duty title without killstreaks.

These lethal tools reward you for racking up enough objective points and kills, giving you the opportunity to push your advantage and crush your enemies.

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However, as you’ll have to choose three killstreaks before each match and there’s a total of 19 available, it’s key you’re familiar with every single option if you want to control the battlefield.

So, let’s check out every single killstreak available to you in Modern Warfare 2 and the specific ones sold in the Buy Stations in Warzone 2.

All killstreaks & scorestreaks in Modern Warfare 2

UAV – 4 Kills / 500 Score

UAV Modern Warfare 2Activison
The UAV killstreak in MW2.

The classic UAV is of course available as a killstreak in Modern Warfare 2. Once activated, the UAV flies high above the playable space, revealing enemy locations on the minimap every few seconds for all squad members until it needs to refuel.

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Bomb Drone – 4 Kills / 500 Score

Bomb Drone Modern WarfareActivison
Bomb Drone killstreak in MW2.

The Bomb Drone is a user-controlled drone with a C4 attached to it, allowing you to scout buildings for potential enemies and blow up any opponents in your way.

Counter-UAV – 5 Kills / 625 Score

Counter UAV MW2Activison
Counter UAV in Modern Warfare 2.

As the name suggests, the Counter-UAV killstreak foils any enemy UAV as well as other tools that use the minimap to display information.

Care Package – 5 Kills / 625 Score

Care Package MW2Activison
The Care Package in MW2.

If you want to add some randomness to your Modern Warfare 2 experience, the Care Package is the killstreak for you. After activating this Killstreak, your Operator gets a Care Package marker to throw or place down.

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A Care Package will contain one of any standard Killstreak that is not another Care Package or Emergency Airdrop.

Cluster Mine – 5 Kills / 625 Score

Cluster Mine MW2Activison
The Cluster Mine in MW2.

A brand new killstreak for Modern Warfare 2, the Cluster Mine will automatically detect enemy players within a short radius and send up one of four mines.

The blast is slightly bigger than a lethal equipment explosion, making it possible to wipe out a small group of tightly-packed enemies.

Precision Airstrike – 6 Kills / 750 Score

Precision Airstrike MW2Activison
The Precision Airstrike in MW2.

Another classic killstreak, the Precision Airstrike will command two jets to swoop down in succession, raining down bombs and gunfire on the best available path.

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Cruise Missile – 6 Kills / 750 Score

Cruise Missile MW2Activison
The Cruise Missile in MW2.

Similar to the iconic Predator Missile, the Cruise Missile can be piloted to target specific enemies or blow up other enemies’ killstreaks in the airspace.

Mortar Strike – 6 Kills / 750 Score

Mortar Strike MW2Activison
The Mortar Strike in MW2.

The Mortar Strike is targeted by using a laser pointer and will cause several artillery shells to pepper a circular zone in an explosive barrage.

S.A.E. – 7 Kills / 875 Score

SAE Modern Warfare 2Activison
The SAE kill streak in MW2.

Described as a “super Precision Airstrike” by the devs, the S.A.E. killstreak drops explosives that destroy any enemy, killstreak, or equipment that is not covered.

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Sentry Gun – 7 Kills / 875 Score

Sentry Gun killstreak MW2Activison
The Sentry Gun killstreak in MW2.

An AI-controlled weapon, the Sentry Gun killstreak scans for nearby enemies and beams them down with fiery bullets.

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This killstreak is perfect for controlling a zone or chokepoint that opponents want to pass through.

VTOL Jet – 8 Kills / 1,000 Score

VTOL Jet Killstreak MW2Activison
The VTOL Jet killstreak MW2.

Modern Warfare 2 veterans know the power of the deadly VTOL Jet well. After calling it in to strike a specific area via tablet, the VTOL Jet will drop two sets of bombs, dealing massive damage in a wide target area.

Overwatch Helo – 8 Kills / 1,000 Score

Overwatch Helo MW2Activison
The Overwatch Helo in MW2.

The Overwatch Helo is a powerful killstreak similar to the Attack Helicopter from previous games. However, in Modern Warfare 2, it follows relatively closely behind your Operator and pings enemy locations.

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Wheelson-HS – 8 Kills / 1,000 Score

Wheelson-HS MW2 killstreakActivison
The Wheelson-HS killstreak MW2.

The Wheelson-HS is a movable sentry that has a variety of offensive and aquatic capabilities. Equipped with a lethal mini-turret, the player-controlled device can make easy work of any opponent it encounters.

Stealth Bomber – 10 Kills / 1,250 Score

Stealth Bomber MW2Activison
The Stealth Bomber killstreak MW2.

The Stealth Bomber, as hinted in the name, is an explosive killstreak that enemies will not see coming. Capable of blanketing the map with countless explosions, it’s well worth adding to your selection.

Chopper Gunner – 10 Kills / 1,250 Score

Chopper Gunner killstreak MW2Activison
The Chopper Gunner killstreak MW2.

The Chopper Gunner allows Operators to jump into the pilot/gunner’s seat of a helicopter that brings plenty of offensive firepower against the opposition while it flies over the entire map.

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Emergency Airdrop – 10 Kills / 1,250 Score

Emergency Airdrop killstreak MW2Activison
The Emergency Airdrop killstreak MW2.

Why call in one Care Package, when you can call in three? The Emergency Airdrop killstreak is a high-risk and high reward, and is guaranteed to lure plenty of enemies to the area.

Gunship – 12 Kills / 1,500 Score

Gunship killstreak MW2Activison
The Gunship killstreak in MW2.

By far the most powerful user-control aerial killstreak in Modern Warfare 2, the Gunship offers laser-tracking missiles that can wipe out other killstreaks, vehicles, or large groups of enemies.

Not only that, the 40mm cannon is perfect to pepper killstreaks and vehicles if the missile is not available.

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Advanced UAV – 12 Kills / 1,500 Score

Advanced UAV MW2Activison
The Advanced UAV killstreak MW2.

Once activated, the Advanced UAV reveals all enemy locations for you and all allies, as well as shows what direction those enemies are facing. This is active for as long as a standard UAV.

Juggernaut – 15 Kills / 1,875 Score

Juggernaut killstreak MW2Activison
The Juggernaut killstreak MW2.

The Juggernaut killstreak provides Operators with a suit of heavy armor complete with a minigun. This weapon has the highest damage per second out of any gun in the game.

Keep in mind, that after the Juggernaut perishes, this weapon becomes available with any remaining bullets it has, making it a surefire power weapon in anyone’s hands.

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All Warzone 2 killstreaks & scorestreaks

Unlike Modern Warfare 2, killstreaks & scorestreaks cannot be earned by racking up kills in Warzone 2. Instead, players have to buy them from Buy Stations for a certain amount of money earned in a match.

Currently, only UAV and Precision Airstrike were showcased as options to buy in the gameplay we’ve seen, but it’s possible more will be added in the future. In the original Warzone, Cluster Strikes and Strafing Runs were the two air support varietals, but they may be in for a remix this time around.

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So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about the killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

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