First Modern Warfare 2 campaign details revealed: Locations, characters & missions

Character in Modern Warfare 2Activision

The first details around Modern Warfare 2’s campaign are here. From the reintroduction of familiar faces like Task Force 141 to the arrival of a brand-new kind of threat, there’s a lot to break down in the official first look.

Infinity Ward is set to shake the Call of Duty franchise up once again in October 2022.

Modern Warfare 2 represents a new era for the franchise and while much of the hype will no doubt be centered on Warzone and the classic Multiplayer modes, the fresh Campaign has more than a few interesting innovations itself.

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Modern Warfare 2 campaign details

Modern Warfare 2 SBMMActivision/Treyarch
Captain Price’s team are at the heart of an all-new story.

During an early access preview event attended by our sister website CharlieIntel, Infinity Ward showed off tons of new gameplay and campaign information.

MW2’s campaign picks up three years after the events of Modern Warfare 2019. Captain Price has completely assembled TF141 and the fan-favorite spec ops unit is taking care of business across the world.

From the Middle East to Mexico players will be doing a lot of globetrotting throughout the course of the story.

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The central conflict takes place after a United States issued strike takes out a foreign general, placing the entire country in the crosshairs for revenge unless forces from the U.S. and Mexico work together to get ahead of the situation.

Modern Warfare 2 characters

Modern Warfare 2 SoapActivision
John ‘Soap’ Mactavish is back in action in Modern Warfare 2.

This new version of the infamous  squad is made up of Price, John ‘Soap’ McTavish, Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley, Kyle ‘Gaz’ Garrick, and Kate Laswell.

From what we saw at the event, this group serves as the core of the party, but other allies will also be joining the fight. Another prominent teammate is Graves, a member of the Mexican shadow company PMC, who helps Ghost curb some of his lone-wolf tendencies.

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First look at Modern Warfare 2’s missions

The game’s first mission puts newcomers into the shoes of Soap MacTavish as TF141 tracks down some supplies that Laswell believes is linked to a major terrorist cell.

An allied helicopter comes crashing down just as the team arrives on the scene, but they continue forward and clear out the building ahead of them. From here it’s a race to secure the downed chopper and any potential survivors.

In the second level, players take on the role of Gaz in a water-based stealth adventure in Amsterdam. He spends most of the mission sneaking around and taking enemies out silently.

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Modern Warfare 2 underwater missionActivision
The underwater gameplay has come along way from the limited options of the original MW2.

By the end his squad has learned that the terrorist cell they’ve been hunting this whole time has been using the Las Alamas Mexican cartel to run their dirty work.

After securing a phone from one of the dead smugglers the team formulates a plan to interrupt the next meet.

The next mission takes us into the city and introduces a new repel system that allows for better control of your destination than ever before.

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Our penultimate glimpse showed Captain Price leading another long-range sniper mission, similar to the iconic All Ghillied Up from Call of Duty 4.

All Ghillied Up from Call of Duty 4Activision
All Ghillied Up is one of Call of Duty’s most iconic missions of all time.

IW remarked that their experience with developing Warzone made them comfortable developing massive environments for these kinds of levels.

Our finale wrapped up with a thrilling vehicle chase through Mexico in which the player-controlled character leaps directly from car to car to survive the chaos.

For more information on Modern Warfare 2, check out our hub and keep up with its appearance at Summer Game Fest.

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