Call of Duty Warzone 2: platforms, leaks, release window, everything we know

Brad Norton
Warzone 2 artworkActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is just around the corner, and we’ve got an early breakdown of all there is to know. From the release date to an early look at the new battle royale map, here are the initial details.

Activision’s extremely popular CoD battle royale is set for what could be its biggest shakeup yet. Alongside new annual titles in the franchise, Warzone itself is in line for a full-fledged sequel.

Warzone 2 is now in the works at Activision. here’s a full rundown of everything we already know about the sequel.


Call of Duty Warzone 2 release date

It was confirmed at Call of Duty Next that Warzone 2 will launch on November 16 for all platforms.

Warzone 2

Call of Duty Warzone 2 platforms

Warzone 2 is set to release across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Battle.Net, and Steam.

Although initial reports suggested Warzone 2 would be a “completely new game for better hardware”, that isn’t quite the case. Alongside Modern Warfare 2’s reveal on June 8, Activision clarified the future of its hit battle royale, confirming that the upcoming sequel will be supported on both last-gen and current-gen hardware.

Warzone hit reg issuesActivision
Despite being a new era of Warzone, older consoles are still being kept in the mix.

Given this widespread support, it’s unclear if newer systems are in store for any graphical or performance upgrades over last-gen players. From an increased frame rate to a highly requested FOV slider, there’s no telling what improvements may arrive with Warzone 2, if any.

Naturally, this announcement has already caused a wave of backlash.

Call of Duty Warzone 2 gameplay details

Perhaps the biggest change is a complete reset of progression. This means everyone is set to start from scratch once again when Warzone 2 rolls out.

Furthermore, we know for certain that Warzone 2 is being “built from the ground up” using an entirely new engine. With a new “play space and new sandbox mode” to boot, technological innovations are expected across the board.

Warzone 2 adds in AI combatants and Strongholds.

One such innovation appears to be swimming. While nothing new to the franchise as a whole, the ability to swim would be a first for this particular CoD BR.

Similarly, while various AI-controlled enemies have appeared in the CoD franchise for many years now, systems are being ramped up in all-new ways for Warzone 2. We’re sure to see both friendly and enemy AI scattered across the battlefield in the upcoming BR sequel.

Warzone 2 introduces a brand new Gulag experience, offering 2v2 battles with random players. Multiple circles and Strongholds are two of the other big new additions.

Warzone 2 map

Al Mazrah will launch alongside Warzone 2. While we could still see Verdansk, Rebirth Island, and Caldera integrated into separate playlists down the line, but Al Mazrah is Warzone 2’s primary map.

This new layout, set in the Republic of Adal, features 18 POIs, and some of which are inspired by classic CoD maps.

Al MazrahActivision
Al Mazrah is located in Western Asia in the Republic of Adal.

For example, the POI Airport draws inspiration from the classic Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal.

 Terminal returns to Call of Duty on Warzone 2’s new map Al Mazrah.

Henderson has also outlined that a second map is now in development for Warzone 2 as well. Similar to the first title, the above will reportedly serve as the core BR map, while a second addition arriving later down the line will serve as a bite-sized BR offering akin to Rebirth Island.

This smaller map is currently in early development, according to Henderson, meaning we may not see it until late 2023.

What happens to the original Warzone?

While Warzone 2 is wiping the slate clean with all new systems, content, and progression, the existing Warzone title is set to continue on in some capacity as a “separate experience.”

None of your existing equipment or cosmetics like Operators, Blueprints, or weapon skins, will transfer to Warzone 2.

However, all of your current progression and unlocks from the past two years will still be available in the original game. Though it’s unclear just how much support it may receive down the line once Warzone 2 takes center stage.

Will Caldera and Rebirth remain as the only two playable maps? Will new content and balance updates continue to roll out in 2023 and beyond? These are all questions Activision is sure to answer over the coming weeks.