Best Warzone loadouts: Guns, attachments, perks, optics, more

Loadout drops in WarzoneInfinity Ward

Players have quickly discovered that Call of Duty: Warzone is a very different game to Modern Warfare. Here, we break down the best guns, attachments, optics, and perks to use in Warzone S1 and beyond. 

Best guns to use in Warzone

With Warzone’s options for Loadout Drops, players can access any of their Create-a-Class weapons in-game. This brings with a lot of freedom, but also a lot of hard decisions. You’re probably best off taking two weapons, one for close range and one for long-range.

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At close range, your best options are the MP7, MP5, or P90, with the latter being arguably the most underrated weapon in Warzone. At medium ranges you’ll probably looking at the M4A1, while longer ranges are dominated by the Grau 5.56 or a sniper rifle – the HDR or AX-50.

Grau being used in Modern WarfareActivision
Tuning your gun just right is the difference between winning, or losing, a match.

Thankfully, we’ve put together specific loadout advice for a host of Warzone weapons, meaning you can improve nearly any gun in the game. We’ll continue to provide loadout advice for new weapons as they are added, as well as filling in any gaps we may have missed so far.

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Best loadouts in Warzone

Best gun-type loadouts

Below, we’ve created guides that cater to specific categories of guns and the loadouts you should be using for each weapon of the type.

Best attachments to use in Warzone

If you’re not sure what attachments to run, there are a few that have become go-to additions for most Warzone players.

Top of this list is undoubtedly the Monolithic Suppressor, which features in nearly all of our recommended loadouts. Like most suppressors, this keeps you off enemy radars but, unlike most suppressors, it actually boosts your damage range, as opposed to hindering it.

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Also, a foregrip or heavy barrel of some kind will be incredibly useful, reducing your recoil significantly, even in long-range gunfights players find so often in Warzone. While ADS will likely be slowed, it’s generally less important than recoil control.

Gun attachments in Modern WarfareInfinity Ward
The right barrel can help players significantly in Warzone.

Finally, a magazine capacity increase will probably be a good idea on most guns, to allow to spray down multiple enemies at once. Some guns, like the PP19 Bizon, don’t necessarily need this but others, like the MP5, certainly do.

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Best optics to use in Warzone

Another attachment you should probably look to use in Warzone is an optic. This will increase your accuracy at longer ranges, particularly on weapons with less desirable iron sights.

The optic you choose should relate to the range at which you’re planning to use the weapon. For example, an SMG will probably need a variant of a Reflex Sight – or no optic at all. An AR, however, could benefit an optic with a greater zoom like the Integral Hybrid.

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On snipers, you’re probably best off using the default sniper scopes or thermal optics. The latter can highlight enemies across the map, provided they’re not using Cold Blooded.

warzone sniper in Airport TowerActivision
Sniping can be seriously useful in Warzone.

Best perks to use in Warzone

Speaking of Cold Blooded, it’s also on our list of recommended perks to run in Warzone. It will hide you from enemy thermal scopes, and prevent enemies running High Alert from being pinged when they are in your sights.

The next one is Ghost, but this is a tricky one. Ghost is a perk 2, the same perk slot used by Overkill. Overkill gives players the ability to run two weapons in Warzone, so you’ll need to access two loadout drops if you want Ghost and two custom weapons.

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This choice is ultimately yours, however. If you’d prefer to be hidden from enemy Heartbeat Sensors and UAVs, take Ghost. If you’re confident about being challenged by enemies who know your location, take two weapons and out-gun them.