Best Warzone Gulag callouts to help teammates win 1v1s

Theo Salaun
warzone gulag

[jwplayer mCpsAxNx]Teamwork makes the dream work and the cutthroat arena that is the Gulag in Call of Duty: Warzone is no exception, so nailing down the appropriate callouts is key to helping out comrades in their 1v1 battles.

The Gulag is Warzone’s microcosmic Cinderella story. You die, are stripped of your loot, and attend a Royal Ball deep below Verdansk. It’s an opportunity to go from rags to riches and should any of your teammates be present, they can be the birds that help prepare you for greater glory.

Every team is different and communication may be subjective, so ultimately you can determine which specific words your squad wants to use. But there is one obvious, central tenet to making callouts: use your teammate’s point of view.

So, for the first two facing directions, left and right, you want to call those out in relation to the direction your duelist initially faces from their spawn, looking toward the opponent. The same goes for the middle, if the opposition hasn’t moved to either side.

One of three different Gulag variants in Warzone, each with opposing spawns and a central flag.

Next, you have the other directions, traditionally forward and back, but these can actually be confusing in the Gulag since your teammate already begins with the knowledge that their opponent is in front of them. So, it becomes a matter of clarifying exactly where in that enclosure they are.

The quickest way to do this is simply to use “back,” not as in “behind,” but rather that the opponent is staying in the back left, back right, or hasn’t moved from the back middle.

If their enemy does move forward towards the center, you should call that out as “pushing right,” “pushing left,” or “pushing middle.” All three of these convey that the bad guy has moved forward toward the center of the map.

What gets especially confusing is wanting to call that level of the map, near the flag, the “middle” while already using “middle” to suggest they’re not on the left or right.

Personally, after it’s been clear that the opponent has pushed up, most teams will be fine with using “middle, flag” (or even the notorious “middle, middle”), “middle, left,” or “middle, right. But, if you want to decide on using “middle” for the horizontal direction and “center” for the vertical, then that works too.

If the enemy pushes all the way to your teammate’s spawn, then all that’s left is to say “pushing your side” with a direction. If your teammate has moved up and they’ve swapped sides, you can begin using their new point of view (therefore inverting the initial left and right callouts).

gulag showers map
Another Gulag showers variant, showing a slightly different set of obstacles and cover.

Finally, little details can help too. If the opponent tries to cap the flag, you can call out “pushing” and then “sitting flag.” If they try to camp behind cover you can call out “camping” or “tucking.”

These sorts of callouts should make life much clearer for your teammates. But, of course, you should alter them if certain terms feel more personally effective. And, if words have failed you, just throw a bunch of rocks at a hiding enemy to add some visual aid.

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