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Best Kilo 141 loadouts for Warzone and Modern Warfare

Published: 14/Oct/2020 21:30 Updated: 30/Oct/2020 9:44

by Joe Craven


Modern Warfare and Warzone are two very different experiences, so you’ll need different weapon attachments depending on which you’re playing. Here, we break down your best options when using the Kilo 141 Assault Rifle. 

Modern Warfare’s Gunsmith has been widely acclaimed, offering unprecedented weapon customization for a Call of Duty game. However, with so many options come a number of difficult choices. With Warzone Season 6, the Grau and Bruen have fallen out of favor, while the Kilo has risen to prominence as a ranged laser beam. A perfect complement to an SMG or shotgun, we’re going through the best class for Verdansk and multiplayer’s distinct purposes.

To make the choices simpler for you, we’ve chosen one loadout for Warzone and one for Modern Warfare. You don’t have to stick to these rigidly, but they should provide a useful starting point of what the Kilo’s best attachments are.

Best Kilo 141 loadout for Warzone

In Warzone, the gun has become a mainstay among the best players in the world — as you’ll notice in recent world records. Given the size of the Verdansk map, this class focuses on being a ranged AR with comfortably controlled recoil and lethality from distance.

kilo 141 warzone class
Infinity Ward
Warzone: Season 6’s most popular AR, this Kilo’s control at range is a perfect complement to an SMG or shotgun.

Sacrificing some mobility and ADS speed for recoil control, the Monolithic Suppressor, Singuard Arms 19.8″ Prowler barrel, and Commando Foregrip all help boost the Kilo’s ability to decimate enemies at range. Since this gun isn’t blessed with clean iron sights like the Grau’s, a scope like the VLK 3.0x Optic is typically preferred for ease in targeting opponents from afar.

Finally, the 60 Round Mags offer the ability to take down multiple enemies at once, without slowing the weapon down as heavily as the 100-round drum.

You’ll notice that this class is without a stock or a rear grip. If you want the former for mobility’s sake, you might prefer running an M4-A1 or a CR-56 AMAX anyway. As for the rear grip, the Kilo’s recoil control is already comfy enough to warrant a slightly steeper learning curve for the advantages that a 60-round mag and scope grant you.

Best Kilo 141 class for Modern Warfare

Unlike our Warzone loadout, this Modern Warfare one is more geared to more regular, faster engagements. Hence, the focus is more on ADS and recovery time, rather than straight-up damage range.

As you can see, the 19.8″ barrel has been swapped out for the 16.6″ SOCOM. This shorter barrel still slows ADS and mobility, but nowhere near as much as it’s heavier alternative.

The G.I. Mini Reflex is a great choice as it is probably the most versatile and useful sight in the game. Swapping The Commando Foregrip for the Merc Foregrip acts to compensate for some of the accuracy lost in the change.

Now, you can equip a stock and rear grip to speed up your ADS time. This will let you get your sights up and have a fighting chance in any engagement. Similarly, you’re less likely to need 60-round mags in a standard public match, and the gun’s default reload is fairly prompt, so Sleight of Hand is not essential.

This class maximizes the Kilo’s versatility, geared towards mid-range gunfights, for a great chance at both close and long-range engagements.

If you want to try out some different weapons in Warzone or even Multiplayer, check out our full list of best loadouts for every gun.

That rounds off our list of the best Kilo 141 loadouts for Warzone and Modern Warfare! Do you agree? Tweet us your lists @DexertoIntel to let us know what attachments you’d change.

Call of Duty

How to get .50 GS pistol in Call of Duty Mobile

Published: 28/Nov/2020 14:01

by Connor Bennett


A new pistol, the .50 GS, is now available in CoD Mobile – and you don’t have to go through a lucky draw for one. No, you can get it for free through a series of challenges. 

With each new Call of Duty Mobile season, the developers of the popular mobile game have flooded it with new content. Be it a new map, a new event, character, perk, or weapon, there has been plenty for fans to get their teeth stuck into.

Sometimes though, in the case of weapons especially, some of this new content is locked behind lucky draws – so you’ve got to pony up some cash if you really want something. 

In the case of the new .50 GS pistol, which is pretty much just the Desert Eagle, the lucky draw isn’t something you need to worry about. Instead, you just need to complete a series of challenges.

The Going Dark theme is new for CoD Mobile Season 12.

CoD Mobile .50 GS handgun Small Arms challenges

There are seven challenges you need to complete come from the Small Arms seasonal event to get the new handgun, each getting slightly more challenging than the last. 

For example, you kick off with needing to get five melee kills, before progressing to normal pistol kills. In the end, you’ll also need 20 headshots with pistols, which isn’t an easy feat for any player, but its not impossible.

The full list of challenges can be found below: 

  1. Kill 5 enemies with Melee Attacks.
  2. Kill 10 enemies with Pistols in MP matches.
  3. Kill 10 Enemies with Quick Fix perk equipped.
  4. Kill 20 Enemies with J358 in MP matches equipped with any laser.
  5. Kill 20 enemies with J358 in MP matches equipped with any 3 attachments.
  6. Earn Back Stabber Medal 3 times.
  7. Kill 20 Enemies with Headshots using any Pistol.

However, you shouldn’t get any ideas about completing the challenges in any random order. 

They need to be done in the order they’re set. This is a bit of a pain, but, at least it gives you something to target in each match.