When is Modern Warfare Season 5? Season 4 end date, Warzone, more

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Warzone characters with Season 5 logo

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 is expected to arrive later this summer, so let’s take a look at when it is kicking off and what content could be on the way in the game’s next season.

Following a delay of a week or so, Modern Warfare and Warzone’s fourth season launched on June 10 (or June 11 depending on your location in the world). The update brought a host of new content to Infinity Ward’s title, including two new weapons in the form of the Fennec and the CR-56 AMAX.

However, some prominent figures in the Call of Duty community, namely Jack ‘CouRage‘ Dunlop, expressed their disappointment with the lack of changes brought by Season 4. He pinpointed a lack of map changes and no Grau adjustments as the season’s most disappointing aspects.

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Modern Warfare's Season 4 roadmap
Infinity Ward
The official Modern Warfare Season 4 roadmap.

Given the delay to Season 4, some suggested that a similar delay would follow for Season Five. However, the Season 4 battle pass is still set to expire on August 4, meaning Season 5 will start imminently, either on or just after that date.

This is two months from the original start date of June 3. The average Modern Warfare season has been around two months long, but Season 4 is setting up to be a a week or so shorter, from June 10 to August 4. 

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The date for the mid-season update has not been confirmed, but will likely be some point around Tuesday, July 7. This update has already been confirmed as including weapon adjustments, and a nerf to the Grau.

Warzone in Season 5

The Dam in Verdansk
Dam has been the subject of much speculation in Warzone.

It has been suggested any changes to the Warzone will be coming to the game’s Dam, in the very northwest of the map. Speculation has centred on the Dam being blown up or collapsing, but not much has changed so far in Season 4.

If Dam is indeed set to be broken, the start of Season 5 seems a likely time for it. We are due for a significant change to Verdansk, after all.

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New maps, weapons and Battle Pass

Season 5 will also bring with it a new Battle Pass and – and if past seasons are anything to go off – new weapons too. The weapons for Season 5 are still something of a mystery, but data-mined game files have uncovered a weapon called the G28, that has yet to be announced.

Similarly, we will likely get a new multiplayer, gunfight and Ground War map. Season 4, for example, has given us Trench, Scrapyard and Barakett Promendade, with Chesire Park dropping later in the season.

As Season 5 draws nearer, more details will become clearer. For now, the speculation continues.

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