Peacemaker season 2: Cast, plot & everything we know

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Season 2 of John Cena’s Peacemaker HBO series, a spin-off from James Gunn’s Suicide Squad movie, has been confirmed to be in the works. Here is everything we know so far about the second season of that violent and gory DC show.

Peacemaker season 1 was a surprise hit with DC fans. Between John Cena’s committed performance as the titular character as well as a solid script written by James Gunn, the first season had viewers begging for more.

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And while some time has passed since the first season released on HBO, it has been confirmed that a second season is in the works. Without further ado, here is everything we know about Peacemaker season 2.


Does Peacemaker season 2 have a release date?

No, Peacemaker Season 2 does not yet have a solid release date.

While a release window or date is yet to be confirmed, DC boss James Gunn has confirmed that he is currently working on writing the next season of Peacemaker. Through a recent Instagram post, Gunn responded to a comment begging for “season 2 now”, stating that he is “writing it now.”

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And recently on November 26, Gunn was answering questions from fans on Threads about the writing process of Peacemaker, revealing he was still working on it during Thanksgiving.

James Gunn talks to fans on Threads about Peacemaker Season 2Threads: James Gunn

Therefore, it is likely that the new season of Peacemaker can be expected to come out a few years from now. Especially given that Gunn has stated that his current priority is getting the brand-new Superman movie completed and released.

Peacemaker season 2 cast: Who will return for the second season?

So far, all we know in regards to the cast is that John Cena will be back to once again take on the mantle of Peacemaker. However, it is likely that some of the supporting cast from season 1 will also return.

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Be sure to check back in with this section as we keep you updated on all the latest Peacemaker casting news and updates.

Peacemaker season 2 plot: What will it be about?

The ending of Peacemaker season 1 was as explosive as it was brutal. After the death of Harcourt, a surprise cameo from the Justice League sent fans into a frenzy. Especially given that The Flash actor Ezra Miller and Aquaman star Jason Momoa genuinely appeared in frame.

Peacemaker season 2 justice league imageHBO
John Cena will be back for Peacemaker season 2

As a result, the new season of Peacemaker is still largely left open. However, fans can expect more quips, violence, humor, and a dark side to the DCEU and the anti-hero that is Peacemaker.

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