Top 10 anime with the best story

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top anime with best story

From Attack on Titan to Naruto, we have put together a list of the top ten anime with the best stories.

Over the years, Japanese animation shows and films have carved a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry. From romance to horror, anime can cater to all types of viewers.

When it comes to exceptional storylines, nothing matches the level of anime. Gone are the days when these projects were seen as mere cartoons, as fans have now started envying the fictional worlds and characters of anime; be it their beauty, personalities, or something else entirely.

Below, we have discussed some anime that are not just a treat to our eyes but are also the peak of storytelling.

1. Attack on Titan

Eren and Mikasa from Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan lasted for around a decade, and it’d be fair to describe it as a masterpiece. The series started as a typical anime, but with time, it turned out to be a treasure trove of twists and turns.

The popular series revolves around Eren, who decides to avenge the death of his mother by killing every Titan. His journey introduces us to several complex yet interesting characters like Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover. Besides that, the fighting sequences and the foreshadowing were the icing on the cake.

Initially, the anime came with a post-apocalyptic setting similar to many other series out there. However, as the story progressed, we learned that it is something that is never heard of in any other anime/manga. Even though Hajime Isayama’s AoT has concluded, it has left a mark on every fan’s heart.

2. Vinland Saga

Thorfinn and Einar in Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is arguably the most beautiful anime in terms of animation – but what about its perfect story?

In the beginning, we meet a kid named Thorfinn, who keeps annoying his parents with his mischievous acts. However, the poor kid witnesses his father’s death in front of his eyes, and after that, he develops an entirely different persona. Even though Thorfinn wanted to kill Askeladd, who tricked and murdered his father, he started working for him and started seeing him as a mentor and an enemy at the same time. This is where we realize the true beauty of Vinland Saga’s narrative.

Also, the complexities of relationships add to the richness of the story. Moreover, the way Vinland Saga shows Thorfinn’s character development is also commendable. What else does a story need to be good?

3. Monster

Johan from Monster

Monster is a perfect binge-worthy anime series for the fanatics who admire complicated storylines. To be honest, the anime community generally looks forward to shows with intense action scenes and less drama – however, Monster is one such series that can keep you on the edge of your seats even without boasting such battle sequences.

The complexities of the characters will not let you feel bored even for a second. Once you start catching up with the enticing narrative, there’s no looking back. Leaving everything aside, Monster also comes with an antagonist who can give you goosebumps with his wicked persona. We bet that you haven’t witnessed an anime villain as cruel as him.

4. Naruto

A screenshot from Naruto

When it comes to good storytelling, Naruto secures a high spot. The plot starts with an orphan named Naruto who never received any respect from the villagers of Konoha. However, instead of avenging the humiliation he faces, he decides to win their love. Naruto is considered one of the most well-written characters who is adored for his humor, loyalty, and bravery.

Besides that, what makes the story of Naruto so good is the character development. For instance, the series makes you stick with the characters from their childhood to adulthood. Naruto also comes with a tragic backstory for every character, including the villains, which won’t allow you to hate them. Initially, the story might feel a bit slow if you are a newcomer, but once you bond well with the characters, you will surely become addicted to the story.

5. Death Note

Ryuk and Light Yagami in Death Note

Death Note features a protagonist named Light Yagami, who looks more like an antagonist. This is something that makes the story stand out. Light accidentally comes across a Shinigami’s notebook called Death Note. Learning about its powers, the boy starts misusing and killing several bad guys by writing their names on it.

This story forces you to think whether you should support the protagonist or if it’s a good idea to stay away from him. Moreover, while watching the series, fans don’t feel any need for the intense fight scenes. That’s because the mind games between Light Yagami and L takes the limelight.

6. Erased

A still from Erased

There are plenty of time-traveling anime projects but only a few match the level of Erased when it comes to a perfect plotline. Erased follows Satoru Fujinuma, who traveled 18 years back in time to prevent his mother’s untimely demise. Besides that, Satoru also holds the responsibility to stop his mother’s killer from killing three of his closest friends.

Erased came as a part of the Winter 2016 anime slate, and it became popular among enthusiasts very soon. The anime is the epitome of love, sacrifice, and true friendship that can make you cry more often. Despite running for a single season with 12 episodes, Erased left its footprints on every fanatic’s heart that can never be “erased”.

7. One Piece

One Piece Key Art with all the straw hat pirates

One Piece is one of the longest-running animanga franchises that still holds a place on the worldwide fans’ watchlist. The story of the series revolves around a boy named Luffy D Monkey who wanted to become king of the pirates since childhood. He is always seen wearing a hat passed on to him by his idol, Shanks.

Luffy’s mischievous personality and the way he tackles his enemies are some of the reasons why viewers love to see the boy on screen. Besides that, every supporting character gets their share of screen time, making their roles significant in the story.

8. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter seems childish in the start but as the story progresses to Chimera Ant Arc, we realize how mature and dark the television show is. Following Gon Freecss as he determines to find his father, who abandoned him in his childhood, the anime features a dark tone that can constantly mess with your mind.

Unpredictable storyline and solid character growth don’t let you give up on the anime. Furthermore, the psychological elements make you decide who you want to support. For instance, the Chimera Ant Arc starts with you hating the Chimera ants and hating humans. However, the story pulls a UNO reverse card in favor of the new species after the first half is over.

9. Mob Psycho 100

Mob from Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 revolves around Mob, a psychic who seeks nothing more than a peaceful life. However, the more he runs from the superhero world, the more he gets pulled toward it. The anime makes every viewer realize the importance of the basic things that we often overlook.

The series can make you fall off your couch with its humorous nature, and at the same time, it can also make you shout because of its dark elements. Surprisingly, several fans have also compared the series with the iconic anime One Punch Man.

10. Classroom of the Elite

Ayanokouji from Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite is a psychological thriller that is considered one of the best anime falling under this genre. The series follows Kiyotoka Ayanokouji, who enters the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School with an unknowing mission. He doesn’t bond well with the other students in his class.

Above all, the most shocking thing about him is that despite possessing high intellect, he is admitted to Class D, where every below-average student is dumped.

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