How to get Lucario in Pokemon Go & can it be Shiny?

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Lucario is an excellent Fighting/Steel-type Pokemon to have by your side, so here are all the ways you can add it to your Pokemon Go team.

The Sinnoh region gave us plenty of iconic and powerful Pokemon such as Lucario, a Fighting/Steel-type monster with solid stats and a great move pool.

If you want to add this outstanding offensive attacker to your team, you should take advantage that it’s back in Pokemon Go as a Raid boss.



How to get Lucario in Pokemon Go

Since its release back in 2018, there have only been two ways to find Lucario in the game:

  • As a Tier 3 Raid Boss.
  • As a reward for completing the Special Research Task “Level 48 Challenge – Part 4”

Due to so many Pokemon being part of the game, players need to wait for the Raid rotations to take place to see if the creature they are looking for takes a spot in any of the Raid battle tiers.

Luckily for players, Lucario is currently being featured as a Raid Boss in 3-Star Raid battles alongside Alolan Marowak, Magneton, and Aggron.

Can Lucario be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Lucario can be Shiny in Pokemon Go, as this variation was added to the game at the start of the Sinnoh Celebration event in 2020.

Shiny Lucario can be easily spotted as its body changes from steel blue to electric yellow. However, as it only appears in Raids or through the Special Research Task mentioned above, the odds of finding one are very slim as there are no methods to secure a Shiny spawn in the game.

Lucario general stats in Pokemon Go

This Fighting/Steel-type Pokemon has an attack-based stat spread of 236 (ATK), 144 (DEF), and 172 (STA) and can reach a max CP value of 2703 in Pokemon Go at level 40 and 3056 if pushed to 50. Additionally, both Cloudy and Snowy weather can boost its power.

Lucario is weak to Fighting, Fire, and Ground-type moves but has plenty of resistances such as Bug, Poison, Rock, Dark, Dragon, Grass, Ice, Normal, and Steel-type attacks.

Screenshot of Lucario battling in Pokemon anime.

All Lucario moves in Pokemon Go

Lucario’s move pool is quite vast, allowing players to try many different combinations. However, if you’re looking for the best movesets for both PvP and Raid battles, you can check this guide.

Lucario Fast Moves

  • Bullet Punch (Steel/STAB)
  • Counter (Fighting/STAB)

Lucario Charged Moves

  • Flash Cannon (Steel/STAB)
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost)
  • Close Combat (Fighting/STAB)
  • Blaze Kick (Fire)
  • Power-Up Punch (Fighting/STAB)
  • Aura Sphere (Fighting/STAB)

How to evolve Riolu into Lucario in Pokemon Go

Despite finding Lucario in Pokemon Go being a hard task, evolving it from Riolu is quite simple once you’ve gathered the required amount of Candy.

To evolve Riolu into Lucario, you’ll just need to feed it 50 Riolu Candy.

Keep in mind that Riolu can only be found by hatching Eggs, so the chances of getting one, and subsequently its Candy, are also slim. To speed up the evolution process, you can always transfer your extra Riolu to Professor Willow or set the Pokemon as your Buddy and go for a walk.

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