Best Pokemon Go Raid Attackers have players dying for more Steel-types

Nathan Ellingsworth
Key art from Pokemon TCG shows the Pokemon Zacian

As summer finally arrives and July makes its presence known, a new month means a fresh wave of Raid bosses in Pokemon Go, and fans are getting ready to take them down.

Very often, the Pokemon Go community comes together to create lists of the best Pokemon that month to take down the many new threats, and this month is no different.

A Pokemon Go player posted an article on Reddit titled “Top Raid Attackers” with a huge infographic that includes an exhaustive list of Pokemon that other players can use both in battles (like the Great League and the Master League) but also against Raid Bosses.

Among the many observations, including the power of some new Pocket Monsters like Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings Necrozma, fans called out for some new Steel-type Pokemon as it became apparent that the metallic monsters are lacking in the top leagues.

Talking about the lack of sturdier selections in the Pokemon arsenal, one comment said, “Man we are REALLY hurting for more steel options.” To which, another comment replied, “I hope crowned Zacian will be good.”

Zacian is one of the two box legendaries from Pokemon Sword and Shield – alongside Zamazenta – and while both appear in Pokemon Go, they only do so in their base forms. Crowned Zacian is much stronger, and like other different forms of Pokemon (eg Origin Forme Dialga and Palkia) it’s expected to be treated as a separate Pokemon in the mobile game.

One of the major requests falls in line with fan demands for more Kalos representation, with one comment saying, “Aegislash over there vibrating in the corner in anticipation.”

Then, another comment brings up one of the few Mega Pokemon missing from Pokemon Go, as a person asked, “Right? Hopefully we get Mega Mawile soon.”

All eyes are on the next few months of the game, especially as fans still wait to see if there will be a new Pokemon game in 2024. For many, most of the Pocket Monster catching fun will take place in the upcoming Pokemon Go Shared Skies season, and the upcoming Community Day.

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