Best moveset for Lucario in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

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Introduced during Gen 4, Lucario is a powerful dual-type ‘Mon in Pokemon Go, and having the best possible moveset for it will let you get the most out of the creature.

It’s no secret that Lucario is a fantastically powerful Pokemon and an excellent Fighting/Steel type to have on your team if you’re looking for a little more firepower or just extra damage.

However, no matter whether you’re grabbing Lucario to fill your Pokedex or use it for battles, it’s vital to equip it with the best moveset so you can take down Raids, Gyms, and so much more in the game.

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So, with that in mind, here’s the best moveset for Lucario in Pokemon Go and whether it’s a Pokemon worth using.

Lucario general stats in Pokemon Go

Screenshot of Lucario battling in Pokemon anime.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

This Fighting/Steel-type Pokemon has an attack-based stat spread of 236 (ATK), 144 (DEF), and 172 (STA) and can reach a max CP value of 3056 in Pokemon Go, which can be boosted by Cloudy and Snowy weather.

Lucario takes increased damage from Fighting, Fire, and Ground-type moves but can resist Bug, Poison, Rock, Dark, Dragon, Grass, Ice, Normal, and Steel-type attacks.

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Lucario best moveset in Pokemon Go

One of the best movesets you can teach Lucario for PvP Trainer Battles in Pokemon Go is Counter as a Fast Move and Aura Sphere as a Charged Move, dealing 18.67 damage per second and 385.2 before the Pokemon faints.

Counter is the preferred Fast Move as it deals much more damage than Bullet Punch and has a much lower energy per second, making the DPS considerably higher when compared.

When it comes to Charged Moves, Aura Sphere may not have the highest damage of the group, but with the Same Type Attack Bonus and pretty low EPS, its damage per second is undoubtedly the highest. A good backup option is the expensive but powerful Close Combat.

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Alternatively, another best moveset for Lucario to use if you’re looking to use the ‘mon in Gyms or Raid Battles would be Bullet Punch and Flash Cannon to make it a Steel-type attacker, but it’s not as powerful.

All moves Lucario can learn in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Company

Lucario can learn a total of two Fast Moves and six Charged Moves, which we’ve listed below:

Lucario Fast Moves

  • Bullet Punch (Steel)
  • Counter (Fighting)

Lucario Charged Moves

  • Flash Cannon (Steel/STAB)
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost)
  • Close Combat (Fighting/STAB)
  • Blaze Kick (Fire)
  • Power-Up Punch (Fighting/STAB)
  • Aura Sphere (Fighting/STAB)

Is Lucario any good in Pokemon Go?

Ultimately, Lucario is a good Pokemon to use in Pokemon Go. It can certainly hold its own in a Go Battle League thanks to its above-average bulk. Sure, it might not be the top choice, but it’ll do what you need it to do.

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As for Raid Battles or Gyms, Lucario is a fantastic Pokemon to take when completing 3-star raids or even certain 4-stars where the Pokemon you’re battling is weak to Fighting moves. Its powerful Attack stat and fantastic moves allow you to dominate most low to mid-level Raid Battles and Gyms.

That’s the best Lucario moveset and whether it’s any good in Pokemon Go. While finding your next raid, check out some more Pokemon Go guides and content:

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