Fortnite Season 6, Chapter 2 update: Everything you need to know

Epic Games

Epic Games launched Fortnite Season 6 ‘Primal’ with a load of fresh new content to the game. If you want tips and tricks to be equipped next time you dive into a match – we’ve got you covered.

On launch day, we kept you on top of all the live updates as they happened for all things Fortnite. On Day 1, we posted everything you needed to know, from weapon and Guardian boss guides, leaks, and all that you need to know about NPCs and the new challenges – seen below.

Fortnite Season 6 essentials

Fortnite Season 6, Chapter 2 launch day: As it happened

Where to find every NPC in Fortnite Season 6

March 17, 6:16am GMT

With new characters such as the iconic Lara Croft being added to the season as both a skin and an NPC, there are just under 50 locations for them on the map –  meaning you’ll always be close to getting those bounties, weapons, or a little help as you progress through the match.

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Lara Croft NPC Fortnite

Read more about the NPC locations here.

How to defeat Guardians in Season 6

March 17, 5:13am GMT

Season 6 is offering a whole new type of enemy for players to take on as they drop into the map — the “Spire Guardians” or “Guards” scattered around the island — to earn exclusive exotic weapons.

Guardian of The Sea Fortnite

For all info on how to defeat these baddies and reap the rewards, check out our guides:

Season 6 leaks point to wild dinosaurs and raptors

March 16, 11:56pm GMT

Plenty of leakers have shared insight into the possibility of Dinosaurs being added to the season down the line. ShiinaBR and FortTory shared the news on their Twitter that was originally broken by FrenzyLeaks.

Read more about the dinosaur and raptor leaks here.

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Where to find Fortnite Season 6 Bunker Chests

March 16, 8:44pm GMT

The Bunker Chests are a brand-new addition with the start of Season 6, giving players a better chance at some higher-tier loot. While a full extensive list of locations for this rare version isn’t yet known, there are a few things we do know about them, including two possible spawn locations.

Epic Games
The locations for the Bunker Chests are unknown but there’s one in Craggy Cliffs and Sweaty Sands.

Read more about the Bunker Chests here.

Where to find Fortnite Golden Artifacts near The Spire

March 16, 6:12pm GMT

This handy guide will help you find some artifacts that will award you with a hefty chunk of experience.

Read more about the Golden Artifacts here.

Travis Scott event locations in live event

March 16, 5:22pm GMT

According to a leak by ShiinaBR, the opening live event for Season 6 showcased the different scenes within Travis Scott’s live event from 2020.

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Could a Batcave POI be coming to The Island?

March 16, 5:04pm GMT It’s not in the game yet, but Fortnite leakers have hinted that a Batcave POI could appear on The Island at some point later in Season 6. It matches up with the news that a Fortnite-meets-DC Comics crossover series is on the way, which is expected to merge the two worlds together.

Read more about that Bat Cave rumor here.

Teen Titans superhero Raven has arrived

March 16, 3:25pm GMT Lara Croft isn’t the only crossover skin in the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass, as players can also unlock Raven from DC Comics series Teen Titans. There are three skin styles: Rebirth Raven, ‘Classic’ Raven, and her alter-ego Rachel Roth.

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Raven skinEpic Games
Season 6 has introduced a range of new cosmetics to the game.

How to unlock Raven skin and alternate styles.

Wolves and chickens can be tamed

March 16, 1:10pm GMT Players have noticed wild animals spawning around The Island, and some of them can be tamed. Wolves can be lured with meat to become allies in battle, and there’s a fun nod to The Legend of Zelda series as chickens can be carried to let you float down from heights.

Find out how to tame wild animals in Fortnite here.

New Mythic weapons and items have arrived

March 16, 11:45am GMT As expected, a few ‘Mythic’ rarity weapons and items have appeared in the Season 6 update. These can be obtained by defeating the Guardian boss fights located around the map. They’re very difficult to get, but definitely worth the effort.

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Here’s how to get the Spire Assassin’s Primal Shotgun, and here’s how to get the Spire Jumpboots.

Lara Croft is finally in Fortnite

March 16, 11:30am GMT After months of rumors and speculation, Tomb Raider icon Lara Croft is finally in Fortnite! As well as a modern Lara skin and themed cosmetics including a back bling and pickaxe, there’s a ‘Classic’ Lara style that throws gamers back to the good ol’ PlayStation 1 days.

Fortnite Lara Croft Classic skin

How to unlock Lara Croft skin and cosmetics.

How to get Neymar Jr. skin

March 16, 10:57am GMT Hmm… Looks like we’ve found our first Fortnite Season 6 mystery. The Neymar Jr. skin, which is expected to come after the Brazilian featured in the update teasers, has not yet been revealed. This could be like a Wolverine or Predator situation, where we have to complete challenges across the season to grab it.

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Everything we know so far. 

New skins, cosmetics and weapons!

March 16, 10:25am GMT A load of new skins, cosmetics, and weapons have been revealed following the v16.00 update, seen below from HYPEX. 

Full list of leaked skins and cosmetics here. 

Battle Pass tiers and trailer

March 16, 10:00am GMT Epic Games have released a load of Battle Pass details for the new season, which has a ‘Primal’ theme this time around. The trailer can be found below!

Here’s a complete breakdown of the Fortnite Battle Pass tiers, skins, and rewards.

Pump Shotgun is back!

March 16, 9:40am GMT One of the most popular weapons in Fortnite history, the Pump Shotgun, has made its return in Season 6!

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Fortnite Pump Shotgun gameplayEpic Games
Pump Shotguns have long been a fan favorite in Fortnite.

Read the full story here, courtesy of Brad Norton.

Fortnite Season 6 patch notes

March 16, 9:30am GMT Usually, there’s not much in the way of official news surrounding patch notes for Fortnite seasons. However, Epic Games has posted a blog page with a number of changes we can expect to see.

These include:

  • New Fortnite weapon crafting
  • Animals added, which players can tame
  • Bunker chests now spawning with rare loot inside
  • Guardian bosses dotted around map
Fortnite Season 6 weapon craftingEpic Games
Weapon crafting was added in the new update.

Read the full patch notes here, from Isaac McIntyre.