How to defeat Guardian of the Fields in Fortnite Season 6

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Fortnite Season 6 Guardian of the Fields
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Fortnite Season 6 is here, and players have already set their sights on beating the new Guardian of the Fields NPC. Here’s all the information you need to find and take it down.

Season 6 introduced all kinds of new content, from challenges, cosmetics, and map changes to tameable pets. However, one thing generating lots of buzz is the addition of new ‘Spire Guardian’ NPCs scattered around the island.

Players can find them and defeat them for a chance to earn exclusive exotic weapons. They also drop an orb that can be taken to the central Spire and exchanged for a Mythic Jump Boot item, which lets you double-jump high enough to use your glider.

Be warned, though. They are pretty tough.

If that doesn’t phase you, however, you’ll need to know where to find them and how to beat them. In this guide, we’ll specifically focus on the Guardian of the Fields, which – you guessed it, can be found in a field-like area.

fortnite season 6 small spire
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The Spire Guardians patrol small spires spread throughout the island.

Guardian of the Fields location in Fortnite

The Spire Guardians’ main hub is the large central spire rising from the top of the map. However, that’s not where you’ll find them. Instead, they’ll be patrolling one of six different smaller spires closer to the edges of the map.

The Guardian of the Fields can be found northeast of the central Spire, a bit further up from Colossal Crops. Keep an eye out for the small spire – you can’t miss it. Once you’ve found it, the Guardian of the Fields will be patrolling around the base.

Be careful, though! The Guardian of the Fields is aggressive and will run at you the moment it sees you. It also has the ability to teleport and blink around quickly, which makes it a tough opponent.

How to defeat Guardian of the Fields in Fortnite

  • Head to the northeastern Spire on the map.
  • Find the Guardian of the Fields (should be patrolling the base of the Spire).
  • Make sure you have shields and weapons ready.
  • Fight and defeat the Guardian of the Fields.
  • Claim your rare weapon and the orb.
Fortnite Season 6 map
Epic Games
The Guardian of the Fields is located at the small spire northeast of The Spire and Colossal Crops.

And that’s all there is to it.

The Guardian of the Fields is intimidating at first. But if you stock up enough shields and have some decent weapons, you should be able to take them down in no time.

Keep in mind, though, that other players will be trying to do the same, too. So, you might need to defend yourself along the way.