All Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 weekly challenges & quests

Rishabh Sabarwal
T-60 armor style in Fortnite

Here is a complete rundown of all the Weekly Quests and Wasteland Story Quests available during Chapter 5 Season 3.

A brand-new Fortnite season has arrived with its Wrecked theme. Thanks to the vehicular-based combat gameplay and a new crew of Wasteland Warriors roaming the map, Epic has massively shaken up the Battle Royale once again.

Furthermore, this season has also brought a new Battle Pass that players are working towards to unlock tiers and claim rewards. Like every season, weekly challenges and a wide range of quests have returned to grant players the XP they need to level up faster across their passes.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 key art
The new season relies heavily on desert warfare using vehicles and new weapons.

Each week, a new set of Weekly Quests will appear under the This Season tab, giving you several new challenges to complete to stock up on a huge chunk of XP in the game.

Additionally, Story Quests have returned this season as well and Daily Quests remain intact, which have now replaced the Match Quests. This means that players have a variety of challenges to choose from and complete to grab some extra XP.

You can easily access all your current challenges by visiting the in-game Quests Page. This page features every Weekly Quest released so far to help you level up that battle pass in no time at all.

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Welcome to the Wasteland Story Quests

Story Quests have returned in the new Fortnite season and this time it centers around Hope and Jones navigating the Wasteland together. Here are all the quests you need to complete in order to get some free XP:

  • Talk to Hope and Jones (2)
  • Damage opponents while boosting in vehicles (100)
  • Destroy objects or structures while infused with Nitro (100)
  • Install Vehicle Mods (4)
  • Search containers at Wasteland Landmarks (10)
  • Collect surveillance devices at different Wasteland locations (6)

Raiding the Rig Story Quests

With the 30.10 update, Epic has released part 2 of Chapter 5 Season 3’s story quests. Here are all the Raiding the Rig quests you can complete to get some free XP:

  • Get intel from Brite Raider and Rust (2)
  • Collect a security card from guards at Redline Rig (1)
  • Upload data to Hope from terminals at Redline Rig (3)
  • Destroy structures at Megalo Depot or Brutal Beachhead (20)
  • Damage opponents at Megalo Depot or Brutal Beachhead (500)
  • Steal the Pandora Gem at Brutal Beachhead (1)
  • Deliver the Pandora Gem to Hope (1)

Enter the Nitrodome Story Quests

A few days after Epic released the 30.20 update to shake things up, they have unleashed part 3 of this season’s story quests. Here’s every Enter the Nitrodome quest you can complete:

Pea Bois Inc Story Quests

Epic has released part 4 of Chapter 5 Season 3’s story quests. Here are all the Pea Bois Inc quests you can complete to earn XP:

  • Talk to Peabody at Pea Bois HQ (1)
  • Help Propagate Peabody’s Pea Buddies in different matches (3)
  • Bounce on bouncy tires near Pea Bois HQ (10)
  • Talk to Peabody’s auto technician in training, Dummy (1)
  • Damage vehicles to collect Car Parts (20)
  • Trade Car Parts to Peabody to receive the Pandora gem (1)
  • Deliver the Pandora Gem to Hope (1)

Fortnite Wrecked Jumpstart Quests

A brand new set of Jumpstart Quests in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 guides you through all the new content that’s arrived this time around and rewards you with 10,000 XP on completion of each quest.

Here are all the challenges under the Jumpstart Quests tab:

When do weekly challenges come out in Fortnite?

New weekly challenges (also known as Weekly Quests) will be released every Tuesday at 7 AM PT | 10 AM ET | 2 PM GMT. They often leak early but you won’t be able to complete them until they appear on your Quest Screen.

That’s everything you need to know about Fortnite weekly challenges and quests in Chapter 5 Season 3 so far, but make sure you check back each week when more are released.

In the meanwhile, check out our helpful content around all the NPCs to help you, alongside new weapons this season, and the map changes to get you set up to claim the coveted Victory Royale with a free glider.