Where to find Fortnite Golden Artifacts near The Spire

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It’s the start of Chapter 2, Season 6 in Fortnite, and the new season has brought along with it a fresh set of quests for players to complete around the map. Here’s how you can complete one of the first challenges, finding the Golden Artifacts, with ease. 

While the start of every Fortnite season brings along with it a slew of new weapons, skins, features, and more for players to sink their teeth into, it also marks the start of a new set of challenges for players to complete, which will help them level up the battle pass.

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One of the first challenges that players can take part in is a legendary quest that tasks you with finding Golden Artifacts near The Spire, the brand-new center of the map, which replaced the Zero Point from Season 5. While that may seem like an intimidating task at first, there are only three of them, and they are pretty easy to find if you know where to look.

Location 1

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The first Golden Artifact can be found near the north of The Spire at the base.

While the title says that the artifacts can be found “near” The Spire, all three can be found in pretty close proximity to the giant POI at the center of the map. The first of these can be seen at the base of the spire, near the northside, before you get to the pathway to climb up the building.

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While there is a piece of wood covering this artifact, there’s also a chest spawn right next to it, making it one of the easier ones to find due to the fact that it’s not inside of a larger building. If the chest has spawned there, you’ll be able to hear it, making this artifact a bit easier to find.

Location 2

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The second Golden Artifact can be found west of The Spire.

The second easiest Golden Artifact can be found near the west side of The Spire, inside a building. It can be found on the first floor, in the northwest corner of the building. This one can be a bit hard to miss due to the lighting at first glance, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find in general.

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As previously mentioned, there’s really nothing blocking this artifact, although there are few other items around it, which may contribute to its difficulty at first. Still, it’s not too bad!

Location 3

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The third artifact can be found east of The Spire.

The final artifact can be found near the east side of The Spire, near the ground. There should be a market-type section towards that side of the map. The third artifact is inside one of the markets on the ground.

This one is found the furthest away from the actual spire, meaning it’s one of the more difficult ones to find. That being said, it’s still not insanely difficult to snag, so it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

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Once you find all three Golden Artifacts, you’ll be granted with a large amount of XP for your battle pass, which will allow you to level up pretty easily. Of course, it won’t bring you up multiple levels or anything, but it’ll at least get you a good chunk of the way through one level.

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