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Pump Shotgun finally unvaulted again in Fortnite Season 6

Published: 16/Mar/2021 4:58

by Brad Norton


Pump Shotguns are finally back in full force across Fortnite as Epic’s Season 6 update unvaulted the classic weapons for a third time.

Pump Shotguns have had a long history in Fortnite but they’re finally returning in Season 6. As one of the most popular weapons in battle royale history, they’ve come and gone over the years as Epic has looked to shake up the meta.

The iconic shotgun variant was introduced all the way back in 2017 and quickly became one of the most highly sought-after weapons in the game. Despite its highs and lows over the years, it’s long been a fan favorite in Fortnite’s arsenal.


After a few months out of action, players can finally get their hands on Pump Shotguns once again, according to early Season 6 leaks.

Pump Shotguns back in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Pump Shotgun gameplay
Epic Games
Pump Shotguns have long been a fan favorite in Fortnite.

While Epic teased potential new weapons in the March 16 update, early hints pointed towards a Save The World Shotgun joining the battle royale. However, that’s not the only type of shotgun being added into the mix.

“Pump Shotguns return tonight,” prominent Fortnite leaker HYPEX revealed. Previously vaulted at the beginning of Season 5 in December 2020, Pumps are back after three and half months.

No specific details were provided beyond that, however. There’s no telling if the weapon has received any key buffs or nerfs while sitting on the shelf. Nor do we know the exact rarities for the gun this time around.


In previous instances, the Pump Shotgun has been available from Common through to Legendary rarity. It’s a safe assumption that the latest version of the popular weapon will follow suit.

Having been in and out of the vault three times already, there’s also no telling how long Pump Shotguns will be around for once again. With that in mind, expect to see tons of players opting to run this powerful weapon throughout Season 6.

From new NPCs to map changes, there’s plenty more in store too; be sure to brush up on all the early Season 6 intel before you drop in.