All Bunker Chest locations in Fortnite Season 6

Epic Games

Fortnite Season 6 features new lootable Bunker Chests that contain some epic weapons and items, but finding them is going to be a little bit tricky as they’re hidden very well around the map.

Season 6 of Epic Games’ popular battle royale Fortnite introduced a bunch of new features to the game, including tameable wild animals, a series of difficult Guardian boss fights, and a long-awaited weapon crafting system.

One of the best new additions is Bunker Chests, which are similar to the Rare Chests that have been featured in previous seasons. They’re hidden around The Island, giving players some incredible high-tier loot when opened.

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As you’d expect, these Bunker Chests are a lot more difficult to find than your standard chests, and they don’t always spawn consistently in the same locations. However, we’ve done the hard work and found all locations they can appear in Fortnite Season 6.

Updated May 11: The spawn rate of these chests has increased, up to 80% from the previous 60%.

Fortnite Bunker Chest contents

Epic Games
Bunker Chests will give players higher-tier loot.

Players will have a higher chance of getting Legendary-tier weapons, including the recently reintroduced Pump Shotgun and the Rocket Launcher, inside Bunker Chests. There will also be a mix of ammo and items.

Unfortunately, there’s no complete list of what’s available, but we do know that the chests will include anything from Rare-tier to Legendary-tier weapons, and that their contents will be updated as the season progresses.

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Fortnite Bunker Chest locations

Epic Games
Many locations for the Bunker Chests are unknown but there’s some starting to pop up online.

The most well-known Bunker Chests at the moment are undoubtedly the ones at Craggy Cliffs and Sweaty Sands, which can be found:

  • Craggy Cliffs: Underground in one of the stairways near the west side of the POI
  • Sweaty Sands: In the attic of one of the houses, located near the east side of the POI.

We’ve also discovered a few other locations, too, so be sure to check these out on your next match:

Camp Cod

Camp Cod Bunker location Fortnite Season 6Epic Games
Camp Cod will provide you with some good high-tier loot in Fortnite.

Upon entering the house on the island, turn left and destroy the floor. Head towards the yellow rug, destroy the floor by that, and you’ll drop down into a secret room containing the chest.

Lazy Lake

Lazy Lake Buner Chest Fortnite Season 6Epic Games
Lazy Lake’s chest is buried in the ground.

Hiding in plain sight is this Bunker Chest at Lazy Lake. Head to the south of the area, and off to the east off some large rocks, you’ll see a mound of dirt. Whack it with your pickaxe and the chest will pop up.

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Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park Bunker Chest Fortnite Season 6Epic Games
This chest is hidden in plain sight, so it won’t take much looking.

Head to the house at the southeast of Pleasant Park with the doors that lead down to the basement. Break them, head down the stairs, through the door and you’ll see the Bunker Chest on your left.

Retail Row

Retail Row bunker chest Fortnite Season 6Epic Games
This teddy bear guards the Retail Row bunker chest.

Head to the yellow house in Fortnite’s Retail Row, and smash your way up into the attic. Behind a stuffed teddy bear is the Bunker Chest, containing some stellar loot.

Weeping Woods

Weeping Woods Bunker Chest Fortnite Season 6Epic Games
This sneakily hidden chest is tucked away between a desk and a wall.

A relatively easy one to find, head to the cabin north-west of the words ‘Weeping Woods’ on the map. Break through the trapdoor outside into the secret bunker underneath, or smash through the floors of the cabin. You’ll find the Bunker Chest hidden behind a desk with some screens above it.

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We’ve also got a handy-dandy map below that includes visuals of all the Bunker Chest locations on the Fortnite map:

Bunker chest locations Fortnite Season
All Bunker Chest locations on the Fortnite map.

That’s every Bunker Chest location in Fortnite Season 6 so far. If any new locations arise, we’ll be sure to update you – so keep it locked at Dexerto.