Travis Scott Astronomical event sets huge new Fortnite player record

Epic Games

Fortnite has outdone itself once again ⁠— Epic’s battle royale has reportedly shattered its old concurrent player record, as a giant Travis Scott took fans across an Astronomical musical adventure through fire, water, and space.

The world’s biggest battle royale never shies away from ambitious in-game events. The title’s original map was blown up by a huge black hole in October. Hollywood franchises like Marvel and Star Wars had their own Fortnite events too.

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With these mega-events always come huge influxes of players logging in too. Marshmello’s ground-breaking in-game concert enticed over 10 million fans into the game. A year later, it looks like Travis Scott has broken that record again.

Fortnite just dropped its biggest event yet in the form of Travis Scott's Astronomical concert, and players lapped it up.Screenshot via Epic Games
Fortnite just dropped its biggest event yet in the form of Travis Scott’s Astronomical concert, and players lapped it up.

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Astronomical event sets new Fortnite player record

According to the Fortnite developers, it was another record-breaking event. Soon after the first of five in-game concerts finished, the minds behind the battle royale magic took to Twitter to reveal just how many players had tuned in.

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“Over 12.3 million concurrent players participated live in Travis Scott’s Astronomical, an all-time record!” the official account shared on April 23.

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It was certainly a moment in the title’s history that will never be forgotten. The Houston star appeared on a custom-built stage on the Sweaty Sands island on the dot at 7pm for players in America. The show lasted roughly 15 minutes.

Like Marshmello’s game-changing event last year, Scott’s whimsical musical adventure took players through strobe lights, flaming arenas, and even a short journey in space itself. A giant Travis Scott loomed over all for five tracks.

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Of course, in-game players weren’t the only people watching either ⁠— according to a report from LightShed, two million fans also tuned in on streaming services. 1.2 million watched on YouTube, 833k on Twitch, and 25k on Mixer.

Scott himself seemed to have loved the event too. The rap superstar took to Twitter just after his Fortnite concert debut, professing his love for the moment.

“Honestly, today was one of the most inspiring days… I know times are weird for us. But for one moment, to be able to have the ragers to rage [sic] wherever you are is amazing. Love you guys with all my body!!” he said.

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When are the next Astronomical events?

Missed the first Astronomical concert? Don’t worry, there’s plenty more on the horizon ⁠— the Travis Scott event will happen four more times, including a second for the Americas. Here is the full list of dates and times for the next four events:

  • Europe & Middle East ⁠— 10am EDT, April 24
  • Asia & Oceania ⁠— 12am EDT, April 25
  • Europe & Middle East 2 ⁠— 11am EDT, April 25
  • The Americas ⁠2 — 6pm EDT, April 25

Could the next four concerts prove even bigger than the first, and potentially break more records? Only time will tell. For now, here’s how to watch the next event. If you don’t play Fortnite, we also have the full experience to watch here.

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