The Equalizer 3: Release date, cast, plot & more

Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, who's returning for The Equalizer 3Sony Pictures

Here’s everything we know about The Equalizer 3, Denzel Washington’s next outing as Robert McCall, including its release date, cast, plot, whether there’s a trailer, and more.

No matter what, there’s always room at the cinema for Denzel Washington tearing through bad guys, whether he’s shoving a bomb up a man’s butt in Man on Fire, shooting his rivals in the face in broad daylight in American Gangster, or protecting The Book of Eli.

In 2014, he made his brutal debut as Robert McCall in The Equalizer, a no-holds-barred action banger that spawned a sequel, both of which earned decent reviews and weighty box office returns.

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This year, Washington returns in The Equalizer 3, so here’s everything we know so far, from its release date and trailer details to cast, plot, and more.

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The Equalizer 3 release date: When is it coming out?

The Equalizer 3 is set for release on September 1, 2023, a whole five years after the first sequel.

Shortly after the release of the second movie, director Antoine Fuqua confirmed plans to continue the series.

He told CinemaBlend: “Personally, I’d love for it to happen. I mean the audience has spoken, so hopefully it’ll continue to do well in its life.

“Sony has brought it up and talked about it. It would be great to do it again. It would be great to do it again with Denzel. I’m looking forward to The Equalizer 3 if that happens.”

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Washington confirmed the movie was scheduled to start shooting in 2022, with Emancipation cinematographer Robert Richardson serving as DP. Production wrapped this month in Rome.

The Equalizer 3 cast: Who’s in it?

Denzel Washington will return as Robert McCall in The Equalizer 3. He’ll also reunite with his Man on Fire co-star Dakota Fanning, who will appear in an undisclosed role.

Other members of The Equalizer 3 cast include:

  • Sonia Ben Ammar
  • Remo Girone
  • Andrea Dodero
  • Eugenio Mastrandrea
  • Andrea Scarduzio
  • Salvatore Ruocco
  • Daniele Perrone
  • Gaia Scodellaro

In March 2022, Washington spoke to Collider about getting back into action star shape for the threequel. “They have written the third Equalizer, so I’m scheduled to do that,” he said.

“So I gotta get in shape and start beating people up again. I get to beat people up again. The Tragedy of Macbeth and then going and beating some people up. Can’t get any better, right?”

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During an appearance on The Beard And The Bald Movie Podcast, Fuqua spoke about how the idea to cast Fanning came about. “I think I was talking to Denzel, we were on the phone just talking about [The Equalizer 3] and Man on Fire came up, talking about [late director Tony Scott],” he said.

“We had talked about how his birthday was coming, I believe, and Dakota came up and I was like, ‘How old is Dakota now?’ And we were like, ‘Oh yeah, she’s about the right age,’ and I said, ‘That would be cool to bring her back.’

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“So, that’s how it sort of happened and then I met with her and I loved her as soon as I walked in the room and met her. I mean, she’s a great actress, but you meet people… she’s just like, she’s incredible.”

The Equalizer 3 plot: What’s it about?

While there are no official plot details for The Equalizer 3, it’s likely we’ll see Robert McCall on the trail of a fresh conspiracy or new gangs, and it’s set to unfold in Europe.

Fuqua earlier told CinemaBlend: “I would love for it to take place internationally, I think Denzel would be a great James Bond-type character. [Denzel and I] talk about a lot of different things.

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“I’ve got some things I’m developing and roles I’d like him to play. Normally, that’s how it works with him. I’m dreaming him up as a cowboy or something and then I’ve got to go pitch it.”

Is The Equalizer 3 trailer out?

No, there isn’t a trailer for The Equalizer 3 right now. But if you want to remind yourself of what’s in store, you can watch one of the best scenes from the first movie below:

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