The Equalizer Season 4: 2023 release, cast, plot and more

Queen Latifah in The EqualizerCBS

Here’s everything we know about The Equalizer Season 4, including cast details, plot speculation, and whether there’s a release date.

The Equalizer started out as a CBS series in the 1980s, following Edward Woodward’s Robert McCall, a retired intelligence agent who takes on criminals, corrupt politicians, police offers – basically anyone who harms a nice, everyday person.

In 2014, Antoine Fuqua rebooted the franchise with Denzel Washington. In the movie, he killed Russian gangsters with corkscrews, barbed wire, and a nail gun – so, as you’d expect, it led to a sequel.

However, Robert McCall isn’t the only Equalizer on our screen, because we also have Queen Latifah’s Robyn McCall, who’s set to return for Season 4 – so, here’s what we know.

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Has The Equalizer Season 4 release date been announced?

The Equalizer Season 4 is due to premiere on CBS in “Fall 2023”, according to Premiere Date.

The show was renewed for third and fourth seasons in May last year, coming off the back of incredible ratings, averaging 9.46 million viewers across the US.

Thom Sherman, senior executive vice president of programming at CBS Entertainment, earlier said as per Deadline: “The Equalizer continues to pack a powerful punch on Sunday nights, and we’re thrilled to have it back for two more seasons.

“The success of The Equalizer is due to the sum of its parts – an outstanding cast led by the superb Queen Latifah, plus the exceptional creative team that has continued to evolve their storytelling with a compelling mix of everyday justice, family dynamics, and real-world issues that connect and resonate with audience.”

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The Equalizer Season 4 cast: Who’s in it?

Queen Latifah will return as Robyn McCall in The Equalizer Season 4.

Other returning cast members are likely to include: Tory Kittles as Detective Marcus DanteAdam Goldberg as Harry KeshegianLiza Lapira as Melody ‘Mel’ BayaniLaya DeLeon Hayes as DelilahLorraine Toussaint as Viola ‘Vi’ Marsette

In an earlier interview with Forbes, Latifah said: “We knew we could tell this story in a different way – from a black woman’s perspective in America.

“I’m feeling really good about everything that’s happening with the show. I really think it’s going to be something that people are going to be highly entertained by.

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“They’re going to ask questions about things afterwards. They’re going to have conversations amongst themselves because of some of the subject matter that we’re tackling. And, hopefully, they’ll start to say, ‘Damn, Latifah was badass.’ The ego in me wants them to say that, [and I hope] they will.”

The Equalizer Season 4 plot: What is it about?

Plot details for The Equalizer Season 4 haven’t been confirmed, as Season 3 is still ongoing.

In an interview with Deadline, Liza Lapira teased what to expect from the show when it returns next month. “Episode 307 ends on a cliffhanger, so we only know that [the stranger] is somehow involved [in Mel’s brother’s disappearance] and she is going on a rampage to take his friends down,” she said.

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“She keeps him alive and conscious to pump him for information because clearly, he knows where her brother is.

“We find out in Episode 308 that Mel’s brother may or may not be involved in some high-level money funneling with the mob. So the stranger from 307 is revealed to have been hired help from that group to help extract Edison.”

Is The Equalizer Season 4 trailer online?

No, there isn’t a trailer for The Equalizer Season 4. But you can check out the promo trailer for Season 3 below:

That’s everything we know about The Equalizer Season 4. In the meantime, check out our other upcoming TV hubs below:

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