The Equalizer 3 cast: All actors & characters

Cameron Frew
Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 3

The Equalizer 3 is the final chapter of Denzel Washington’s Robert McCall story — here’s a full rundown of the cast and characters.

Odds against you? Nowhere to turn? Then call Denzel Washington, aka The Equalizer. In 2014, he made his debut in the violent, awesome reboot of the beloved ’80s TV series, dispatching Russian goons and anyone else who stood in his way with an assortment of weaponry – including a corkscrew and barbed wire.

He returned four years later for the sequel, an altogether broader movie that saw McCall become entangled in a government conspiracy that sees one of his closest friends murdered.

Washington reprised the role in The Equalizer 3, one of 2023’s best movies, and the last film in the franchise – so, here’s everyone you need to know in the cast.


Denzel Washington: Robert McCall

Denzel Washington as Robert McCall in The Equalizer 3 cast

Denzel Washington plays Robert McCall, a former US Marine and DIA agent who once faked his death to live quietly with his wife. He was tempted into a life of violence and vigilantism after a class with the Russian mob in Boston, but he’s now residing in southern Italy.

Speaking to Screen Rant, director Antoine Fuqua described the movie as McCall’s “final masterpiece of violence.”

Washington is a legendary actor known for his performances in the likes of Malcolm X, Training Day, Man on Fire, Inside Man, American Gangster, and Unstoppable.

Dakota Fanning: Emma Collins

Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 3 cast

Dakota Fanning plays Emma Collins, a CIA agent who tracks McCall down in Italy – and she may have a connection to his past.

Fanning memorably starred alongside Washington in Man on Fire. “We watched Dakota grow up, and Man on Fire was so fantastic… to be able to put them together again as a director and sit back and see the dynamic between the two,” Fuqua told Looper.

“I would yell ‘cut’ to see Denzel look at me and laugh and go, ‘She’s a grownup now.’ He couldn’t believe it either. She’s challenging him in the scenes. It was really special to be able to do that.”

Eugenio Mastrandrea: Gio Bonucci

Eugenio Mastrandrea as Gio in The Equalizer 3 cast

Eugenio Mastrandrea stars as Gio Bonucci, Altamonte’s main policeman who ruffles the mafia’s feathers.

After roles in ACAB and La Fuggitiva, Mastrandrea made his American debut in Netflix’s From Scratch opposite Zoe Saldaña.

David Denman: Frank Conroy

David Denman in The Office

David Denmnan plays Frank Conroy, a CIA agent who assists Collins with her investigation into the events in Sicily.

Denman is best known for portraying Roy Anderson in The Office, as well as his roles in 13 Hours, Logan Lucky, Brightburn, and Mare of Easttown.

Sonia Ben Ammar: Chiara Bonucci

Sonia Ben Ammar in Scream

Sonia Ben Ammar plays Chiara Bonucci in The Equalizer 3, the wife of Gio and mother of their child.

Ammar is best known for playing Liv McKenzie in 2022’s Scream. She also released an extended play, Sonia, in 2019.

Remo Girone: Enzo Arisio

Remo Girone in The Equalizer 3 cast

Remo Girone plays Enzo Arisio, a local doctor in Altamonte who takes McCall in after he’s shot.

Arisio is an Italian stage and film actor known for his performances in La piovra, Live By Night, and Ford v Ferrari.

Gaia Scodellaro: Aminah

Gaia Scodellaro in The Equalizer 3

Gaia Scodellaro plays Aminah, the owner of a cafe in Altamonte who warms to McCall and helps introduce him to the locals.

Scodellaro is known for starring in You, Me and the Apocalypse, Watch Them Fall, Promises, and State of Consciousness.

Andrea Scarduzio: Vincent Quaranta

Andrea Scarduzio in The Equalizer 3

Andrea Scarduzio plays Vincent Quaranta, the leader of the Camorra.

Scarduzio made a brief appearance in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1, as well as appearing in The Devil Conspiracy, Hard Night Falling, and Roam Rome Mein.

Andrea Dodero: Marco Quaranta

Andrea Dodero in The Equalizer 3 cast

Andrea Dodero plays Marco Quaranta in The Equalizer 3 cast, a mafia enforcer and the brother of Vincent.

Dodero has also starred in Thou Shalt Not Hate, Blocco 181, and The Good Mothers.

Salvatore Ruocco: Salvatore

Salvatore Ruocco

Salvatore Ruocco plays Salvatore, one of the Camorra’s henchman.

Ruocco has also appeared in Take Five, Pasolini, Poisin, and Padre Pio.

Alessandro Pess: Vichingo

Alessandro Pess

Alessandro Pess plays Vichingo, one of the Camorra’s henchman.

Pess is best known for his roles in Good and Evil, The Falcon and the Dove, and House of Gucci.

The Equalizer 3 is available to stream on Netflix now. Check out our review, our breakdown of the ending, what we know about The Equalizer 4, and the best Denzel Washington movies.