Everything we know about Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Battle Bus Promo Art

As the current season of Fortnite winds down, rumors of the next one have begun to circulate online. Find out all you need to know about Chapter 4 Season 3, including the much-anticipated First-Person mode and a new Tropical biome below.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has been full of surprises and it has made a number of significant changes to the game. The season debuted a brand-new Mega City biome, complete with the Grind Rails system and a Japanese-inspired POIs that were a big hit among gamers.

Players were also given access to new weapons, vehicles, and skills to use in the Battle Royale mode. Epic Games, on the other hand, aspires to raise the standard with each passing season and provides new content to the game in order to keep the gameplay interesting and fresh for its player base.

Now that the current season is winding down, it’s only natural that leaks for the next one have begun appearing online, and gamers can’t wait to get into a brand-new map. Here’s everything we know about the next Fortnite season.

Fortnite characters overseeing Chapter 2 island
The island may undergo major changes in the next Fortnite season.


Car Racing Game Mode

First up is a completely new gameplay feature that has been leaking online, and it appears to be Car Races, where players may select whatever car they like and compete against one another. Players shouldn’t be surprised by a racing-themed LTM given that a Drift Racing course was added this season on the island.

The game mode will also feature a Ranked Mode which will make the gameplay excited for serious racers.

Armored Vehicles & Vehicle Mods

Players are also excited about the rumored arrival of Armored Vehicles and NPCs with the ability to drive them around the island next season. Speculation has it that these vehicles are the same as the IO tanks shown in Chapter 3.

More than that, it has been speculated that the upcoming season would provide a number of vehicle upgrades that will allow users to ride through a variety of biomes and heights.

Jungle/Tropical Biome

Many Fortnite fans believe that a new biome will introduce a jungle or tropical setting to the game. The latest update files included encrypted assets for the corresponding textures, lending credence to the theories.

Furthermore, various sound effects of the Jungle biome were leaked, including noises of animals and water bodies. In recent leaks, it has also been revealed that the Jungle biome will bring Vines on the island that will act similar to Grind Rails in the latest season.

Desert Biome

A Desert Biome has been hinted at for Season 3, joining the Tropical Biome that has already been leaked. Cacti plants and sand textures are rumored to have been decrypted from recent update files, according to a number of leaks.

But leakers think it’s exceedingly rare to see two biomes on a single map, which would impress players greatly if it were implemented.


Players have reported feeling earthquakes on the Fortnite island as the current season winds down. This validates the rumor of an impending Volcano Eruption before to the start of the next season in the game.

Sounds for Lava and Volcanoes, which might be included in the next Season 3, were among the leaked assets.

Mud Ground Texture

Several leaks have showed that the ground in the Jungle biome would have the Mud texture, allowing players to slide while also slowing their movement speed as they walk over it. In addition, the physics of the mud will change in interesting ways when vehicles travel over it or when shots are fired during a game.

In addition to the visual differences, the sound effects for the mud in first-person and third-person modes have also been leaked.

Summer Event

Every year, throughout the summer, Epic Games releases a new Summer Event to Fortnite, which features a number of free themed-quests and cosmetic items. A 14-day summer event, similar to those of prior seasons, has also been revealed to take place in the upcoming season.

First Person Mode

The inclusion of First Person mode to the primary Battle Royale playlists has been the most talked about change coming to Fortnite. Since the very first leaks at the start of Chapter 4, gamers have been requesting the First Person perspective, which is presently only accessible in Creative 2.0 maps.

However, according to recent leaks, the game has received a number of new files in preparation for a First Person mode, which might be included in Season 3.

One Piece Collab

Since rumors of a collaboration with Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball Z have circulated among players, the partnership with the popular anime series One Piece has also been hinted about for quite some time. While the former have made their way into the Fortnite universe, players are still waiting for Luffy and the rest of the pirate crew to show up.

Epic has been adding more anime characters in every season recently, and new rumors on the impending Tropical themed biome hint the One Piece collab can be included in the next season.

Weapon Attachments

To maximize effectiveness and personalize the experience, players in nearly every Battle Royale game can customize their own weapons. On the other hand, Fortnite arms players with an elementary weapons system.

But that’s expected to change next season, when features like scopes and recoil muzzles might be added as attachments. Using them, players may greatly improve their weapon’s performance and modify it as the game progresses.

Throwable Melee weapon

Among the leaked weapons was a Throwable melee weapon, which was said to be introduced in Chapter 3. In spite of the fact that this did not occur, gamers are anticipating the arrival of the rumored Throwable Axe in Season 3.

Since there are currently no game files to back up this speculation, the weapon’s inclusion in the upcoming season is still up for debate.

Rideable Raptors

A leaked Season 3 artwork suggests that players will soon be able to tame and mount Raptors, just like they do with wolves and boars and ride them around the island

The leak was provided by HYPEX and Shiina, and it depicts a future Battle Pass character traversing the jungle on a Raptor running along a Temple Ruins-style POI. Although this is only a leak, it provides significant confirmation of the upcoming season’s focus on the Jungle biome.

Optimus Prime skin

Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots in the Transformers franchise, is rumored to be a Battle Pass skin in the next season. The loading screen was obtained by dataminers and posted on Twitter, revealing the skin.

The timing of the character’s introduction into the game coincides neatly with the premiere of the newest Transformers movie.

New Weapons

The next season of Fortnite will feature a large number of new weaponry. The first hint of the Kinetic Boomerang, which will serve as a replacement for the Kinetic Blade, appeared in the Season 3 key art.

Additionally, the Infantry Rifle, Lever Action Shotgun, and Mythic Drum Shotgun will also be made available in Season 3. While these are all exciting improvements to the game’s arsenal, many expect this season to play out similarly to the third season of Chapter 3.

Upgraded Choppa Vehicle

Recently leaked information suggests that the famed Choppa vehicle from Fortnite Chapter 2 will be making a comeback to the game, this time equipped with a launcher. In the past, Choppas were employed for quick island rotations and high-altitude sniping.

However, this time, with the launcher with increased damage, they can prove quite lethal to one’s opponents. It appears that this season, players will use the Choppa mostly in the air and engage in aerial warfare.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3!

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