How to get free Fortnite skins in March 2023

Three Fortnite characters alongside the text 'Free Fortnite Skins'Epic Games

If you’re wondering how to get free skins in Fortnite, or if there even are any free skins available, we’ve got all the details about the current free skin that you can claim in March 2023.

Epic Games’ hit battle royale Fortnite is known for its high-profile crossover skins as much as its fast-paced gunfights, but they can be quite expensive to buy — especially when it’s a well-known character like Wonder Woman or Street Fighter’s Blanka, Sakura, and Chun-Li.

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So naturally, any chance to get free skins is welcome in the world of Fortnite. But while free cosmetics like Gliders and Back Blings are actually fairly common, free skins are incredibly rare, so you’ll need to keep an eye out if you want to get one.

Below, you’ll find all the information you need on any free skins that are currently available to claim in Fortnite, as well as details on previous free skins that have now expired.

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Updated on February 28, 2023, to mark one skin as expired.


Are there any free skins in Fortnite? (March 2023)

There are currently two free skins that players can claim in Fortnite, which we’ve listed below along with the steps required to unlock them.

Skin How to claim
Jun-Hwan skin Claim the PlayStation Plus-exclusive Blue Phoenix Pack
Xander skin Sign up for the Refer A Friend scheme and complete all of the tasks

It’s very rare for Epic Games to give away free skins in Fortnite, so if there’s a skin that you’d like to unlock above, make sure to get it while you can.

We’ll keep this page updated if any new skins are made available, so be sure to check back soon.

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How to get free skins in Fortnite

There are different methods for getting free skins in Fortnite, but most of the time you’ll need to put some effort in, such as opening a certain amount of presents during Winterfest or completing event challenges.

The free skins in Winterfest 2022 presentsEpic Games
Arctic Adeline and Sled Ready Guff were previously free during Winterfest 2022.

Every now and then, Epic Games will host themed tournaments for crossover characters, like Beast Boy or The Flash, alongside ICON Series skins for streamers like Chica, where the highest-ranking players can earn the skin for free before it goes on sale in the shop.

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It’s incredibly rare to get codes for free skins in Fortnite, and this usually only happens with giveaways on social media. Be wary of searching for free codes online, as there are a lot of potential scams out there.

All expired free skins in Fortnite

Below you’ll find all of the expired free skins we know about in Fortnite and how they were obtained:

Skin How to claim Expiry date
Gold Blooded Ace skin Earn 48,000 Infamy Points during the Most Wanted event February 28, 2023
Sled Ready Guff skin Open the Winterfest 2022 Presents January 3, 2023
Arctic Adeline skin Open the Winterfest 2022 Presents January 3, 2023
Blizzard Bomber skin Be a member of PlayStation Plus and download it for free from the PS Store September 21, 2022
Major Mancake Complete all of the Fortnite x Fall Guys Crown Clash Challenges July 11, 2022
Chica Rank high in the Chica cup May 5, 2022
Chloe Kim Rank high in the Chloe Kim Cup March 24, 2022
Sultura Be a member of PS Plus on PS4 or PS5 March 14, 2022
Naomi Osaka Rank high in the Naomi Osaka Cup March 2, 2022
Bruno Mars Rank high in the Silk Sonic Cup February 7, 2022
Rainbow Racer Complete the Refer A Friend challenges January 10, 2022
Polar Peely Open a Winterfest 2021 present January 6, 2022
Krisabelle Open a Winterfest 2021 present January 6, 2022
Blizabelle Log in with the Epic Games Launcher January 6, 2022
Wonder Woman Rank high in the Wonder Woman Cup August 18, 2021
Ruby Shadows Log in with the Epic Games Launcher June 17, 2021
Beast Boy Rank high in the Teen Titans Cup May 12, 2021
Aloy Rank high in the Aloy Cup April 14, 2021
Webster Rank high in the Spring Breakout Cup April 2, 2021
The Flash Rank high in The Flash Cup February 10, 2021
Snowmando Complete Operation Snowdown challenges January 5, 2021
Frost Squad Complete Operation Snowdown challenges January 5, 2021

Are there any other ways to get free Fortnite skins?

While it may not technically be free, players who subscribe to Fortnite Crew will receive loads of rewards including a new skin and matching cosmetics each month. It costs $11.99 (or £9.99) a month.

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Subscribing to Fortnite Crew also gives you access to the Battle Pass, which includes loads of skins to unlock as you collect XP. The current Battle Pass includes Doctor Strange and several other skins.

This is definitely the most efficient and reliable way of getting new skins in Fortnite each month, although there is the cost of subscribing which means it’s not quite ‘free’ in reality.

That’s everything you need to know about getting free skins in Fortnite! Check out some of our other guides below:

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