Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG patch notes: Classic map, OG pass, Tilted Towers & more

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Fortnite OG Pass charactersEpic Games

The much-anticipated Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG is finally here, as players are now ready to return to the Chapter 1 island and relive their first moments playing the popular Battle Royale game. As the seasonal update brings a ton of fresh content to the game, here are the patch notes that will catch you up on everything that’s new in Fortnite OG.

The return to Fortnite Chapter 1 OG map has been one of the most anticipated things that players wanted ever since rumors were floating around social media. Now Epic Games has finally brought the era where Fortnite is back to Chapter 1 and players are taken back to the OG era with a classic map, OG Pass and Item Shop, the return of classic loot pool, and much more.

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Moreover, locations like Tilted Towers, Risky Reels, and more have returned as players will be dropped to the Chapter 1 Season 5 map as soon as they launch the game.

As the player community is all set to jump out of the Battle Bus to grab their first Victory Royale back on the OG map, here are the patch notes for Chapter 4 Season OG to give you a rundown on everything that’s new.

A logo symbolising updates and downtime in FortniteEpic Games

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG downtime details

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG was released on on Friday, November 3, 2023, at 3 AM PT/ 6 AM ET / 10 AM BST.

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Servers are slowly going live in different regions and platforms, so you should be able to jump back in soon!

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG patch notes

OG Chapter 1 map to rebuild back in time

With the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG, players are dropped back into the OG Chapter 1 island. Here, they will get to experience the OG map starting from Season 5 and all the way up to Season X.

Fortnite OG Chapter 1 POIs on the mapEpic Games
Four hotfixes will take players on a journey across five Chapter 1 seasons.

Four hotfixes, each lasting seven days, will be utilized to accomplish this in which they will include additional loot pools and iconic POIs from the season in question. For the duration of Season OG, those POIs and loot will remain unvaulted.

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The first update v27.00 on November 3, 2023 drops players into Chapter 1 Season 5 at Tilted Towers, Dusty Divot and Risky Reels where these three POIs were significant to the lore. However, here’s a list of each future hotfix and what can players expect from it:

  • Hotfix v27.00: Season 6 – Loot Lake Cube POI – Releases on November 9
  • Hotfix v27.10: Seasons 7 & 8 – Snow Biome, Frosty Flights, Pirate Theme – Releases on November 16
  • Hotfix v27.11: Seasons 9 & X – Neo Tilted, Blast Off event, Black Hole – Releases on November 23

The map brings back iconic POIs such as Retail Row, Tilted Towers, Paradise Palms, and Risky Reels. Several other POIs like Mega Mall, and Neo Tilted will arrive in future updates until the season ends.

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OG Pass brings four new skins

The latest season adds remixed versions of classic Fortnite Chapter 1 skins such as Black Knight, Peely, Lynx, Renegade Raider, and Ragnarok in the OG Pass. They are named Spectra Knight (Customizable), Renegade Lynx, Omegarok, and Lil Split.

cover art for the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG Pass.Epic Games
The OG pass brings four new skins to the game.

In addition, upon finishing the standard pass track, players will have the opportunity to advance to a Bonus Level where they can accumulate additional rewards. The OG Pass is only 50 rewards in total, which is half of what is typically included in a Battle Pass.

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Players will also be able to unlock additional styles for Lil Split and Spectra Knight that they can customize according to their choice.

Classic Fortnite vehicles make an Epic return

The latest Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG brings back ATK vehicles, Shopping Carts, Ballers, and Driftboards to the game. These vehicles make a triumphant return to give legacy fans an opportunity to relive those Chapter 1 moments.

Fortnite OG Chapter 1 vehiclesEpic Games
Chapter 1 vehicles will be released with each Season OG hotfix.

Additional vehicles like X-4 Stormwings, Pirate Cannon and Quadcrashers will also be added to the game with each subsequent hotfix every week. Here’s when each vehicle will be active in Fortnite Season OG:

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  • Hotfix v27.00: Season 5 – Shopping Cart and All Terrain Kart – Releases on November 9
  • Hotfix v27.00: Season 6 – Quadcrasher and Driftboard – Releases on November 9
  • Hotfix v27.10: Seasons 7 & 8 – X-4 Stormwing and Pirate Cannon – Releases on November 16
  • Hotfix v27.11: Seasons 9 & X – The Baller – Releases on November 23

On the other hand, cars and bikes have been vaulted from the game as players travel back in time when they did not exist.

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OG Chapter 1 weapons and items are back

The OG Assault Rifle, Pump Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, and many other iconic weapons of the game’s early seasons are all available once again in Fortnite Season OG. Instead of the updated Chapter 2 models, these weapons stick to the tried-and-true designs employed in the OG days of the game.

Fortnite Season OG WeaponsEpic Games
New weapons will be unvaulted each week with a hotfix.

Moreover, with each hotfix, newer weapons and items will be unvaulted every week which will add an assortment of a plethora of items to the loot pool. They are:

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  • Hotfix v27.00: Season 5 – Assault Rifle, Pump Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Damage Trap, Grappler, and Boogie Bomb – Releases on November 9
  • Hotfix v27.00: Season 6 – Double Barrel Shotgun, Clinger, Six Shooter, Chiller Trap, Port-a-Fortress and Mounted Turrets – Releases on November 9
  • Hotfix v27.10: Seasons 7 & 8 – Flint-Knock Pistol, Minigun, Quad Launcher, Poison Dart Trap, Itemized Glider Redeploy, and Buried Treasure map item – Releases on November 16
  • Hotfix v27.11: Seasons 9 & X – Heavy Sniper Rifle, Proximity Grenade Launcher, Air Strike, Junk Rift, Storm Flip and Jetpack – Releases on November 23

However, the recently introduced Chapter 4 weapons are moved to the vault, which provides players with the chance to utilize an extensive assortment of iconic Fortnite items and weapons.

Modern movement mechanics to remain

Fortnite has confirmed that players will have the ability to Sprint, Slide, and Mantle during Season OG, which will take place on the Chapter 1 island. Players did not have access to these mechanics earlier in 2018, which caused the game to move more slowly than it does presently.

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A significant difference in movement mechanisms, however, is that players will not have the ability to swim on the Season OG island, similar to when they were previously eliminated upon touching a body of water in Chapter 1.

Battle Stars return

Fortnite’s Battle Stars are coming back after being vaulted in the game’s late Chapter 2 timeframe. These stars provide players with large sums of XP that can be used to advance through your OG Battle Pass more quickly.

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In addition, these will be the focus of quests, with players having to seek down hidden Battle Stars all across the island.

New Ranked season and Ranked Cups

Fortnite Ranked Season OG TagsEpic Games
Players can earn Ranker’s Tags by completing Urgent Quests.

To facilitate the short season of Fortnite OG, advancement through the Ranked Mode will occur more rapidly in the upper and middle ranks. In addition to experiencing marginally quicker increases to their rank progression indicator, players who are eliminated early in a match will incur lighter penalties.

Moreover, players will be required to complete Ranked Urgent Quests when they jump out of the Battle Bus and have a chance to unlock the Chapter 1-inspired Ranker’s Tags Back Bling by completing just one Ranked Urgent Quest during Fortnite OG.

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The Ranker’s Tags will display the color of the highest rank you’ve reached this Season similar to prior rewards. However this time around, a new competitive event called Ranked Cups will also bring an opportunity for players to battle it out for free cosmetic rewards.

Fortnite Ranked Cups Season OGEpic Games
Placing higher in Ranked Cups will grant players with two free rewards.

In both Battle Royale and Zero Build, players can choose to compete against other players of the same rank either as a team, a duo, or on their own. You can now queue as a Solo Fill player and be matched with other Solo Fill players in Duos and Squads events.

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To unlock the Competitor’s Skyblades, you must score at least 75 points in any Ranked Cup session between November 9 and November 12, and in any session between November 23 and November 26, you must score at least 75 points, respectively to get the Competitor’s Time Brella.

Miscellaneous updates

With general content updates, several bugs and fixes were also made to the made, including the competitive, Creative and Save the World (STW) game modes. Here are some of the changes:

  • Added four new tournaments for Season OG.
  • Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Quad Launcher, Grenade, Shockwave Grenade, Proximity Grenade Launcher, Remote Explosives, Air Strike, Junk Rift, Storm Flip, X-4 Stormwing are not included in competitive tournaments.
  • Free The Re-OG Lobby Track reward granted to all players.
  • Item Shop reverted back to Chapter 1 layout.

That’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG update! Make sure you check out our Fortnite page for the latest news and guides.

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