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What is the rarest skin in Fortnite: Top 10 list in 2021

Published: 5/Aug/2021 9:30 Updated: 5/Aug/2021 13:18

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite has released plenty of skins and items since the game debuted in 2017, but there are some you’ve probably never seen in the game because of how uncommon they are. Here are the top 10 rarest Fortnite skins in the game as of August 2021.

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting aspects of Epic Games’ hit battle royale Fortnite is the new skins that get released every season in the game. Some of these are unlocked as part of the Battle Pass, while others can be bought in the Item Shop.

In recent months, pretty much all of the attention has been taken up by epic pop-culture crossovers like The Mandalorian and Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft. But there are plenty of exciting original skins, too, and some of them are incredibly rare.


From the OG Chapter 1 Season 1 which debuted in October 2017, right through to the latest Chapter 2 Season 7 which was introduced in June 2021, here are the rarest skins in Fortnite which you’ll probably never see.


Fortnite Aerial Assault Trooper
Epic Games
Season One’s Aerial Assault Trooper skin remains the rarest skin you’ll come across.

What is the rarest skin in Fortnite?

As of July 2021, the rarest skin in Fortnite is undoubtedly the Aerial Assault Trooper skin. Having made its last (and only) appearance during the first-ever Season of Fortnite, it’s one that only the most dedicated, long-term players of the game are likely to possess.

The rarest item shop skin in Fortnite

Fortnite Hacivat Skin rare item
Epic Games
Hacivat is undoubtedly one of the rarest skins you’ll come across in the item shop.

Originally available for 1,500 V-Bucks in the item shop, Hacivat is without a doubt the rarest Item Shop skin, as it hasn’t made a returning appearance since the tail end of 2018 during Chapter One, Season 5.


Top 10 rarest Fortnite skins (August 2021)

From the Aerial Assault Trooper to Hacivat, and Black Widow – here are the top 10 rarest skins you’re unlikely to see throughout your matches in Fortnite.

10. The Reaper

Fortnite The Reaper skin
Epic Games
The Reaper is far more uncommon than the official John Wick skin.

OG players will definitely remember The Reaper, who was the reward for maxing out the Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass at Level 100. The skin has been a running joke in the Fortnite community, as it was quite clearly based on Keanu Reeves’ character John Wick.

Then things got strange when, in 2019, Epic Games introduced an official John Wick skin to Fortnite. This means there are two almost-identical skins in the game, but while the John Wick skin has returned to the Item Shop on multiple occasions and is quite common, The Reaper remains very rare.


9. Royale Bomber

Royale Bomber skin
Epic Games
Royale Bomber was a PS4 bundle-exclusive skin.

Another skin you’re unlikely to see in Fortnite is the Royale Bomber. The skin was first available to get as part of a PlayStation 4 x Fortnite bundle back in 2018, and later as part of a DualShock 4 controller bundle.

It’s still available to find if you look hard enough, but it definitely won’t come cheap, and arguably isn’t worth it anyway as it’s not a very interesting skin when compared to the amazing choice of skins Fortnite has today.

8. Black Widow

Fortnite Black Widow skin
Epic Games
Players everywhere are hoping that this original Black Widow skin makes a return.

First released back in 2018 during Fortnite’s Season X event tie-in with Marvel Avengers: Endgame, this iconic skin has now been completely absent from the item store since May of 2019. The only Black Widow appearance we’ve seen thus far is her much more recent Snow Suit skin featuring one of Scarlett Johannson’s outfits from the Black Widow movie.


Despite Black Widow now in cinemas and available for streaming across the globe, this OG Black Widow skin has yet to make a reappearance thus far.

7. Honor Guard

Honor Guard skin
Epic Games
Honor Guard was one of many phone-exclusive skins.

If you want to get your hands on the Honor Guard skin, there’s some bad news, as it’s only available for those who purchase the Honor View 20 smartphone, making it one of the most expensive skins in Fortnite history.

It’s still available to get, but the incredibly high entry cost coupled with the fact that many people are loyal to their favorite brands like Apple and Samsung means the Honor Guard is automatically one of the rarest skins in Fortnite. Besides, we’ve never seen it in a battle royale match… have you?


6. Double Helix

Fortnite Double Helix skin
Epic Games
Double Helix was only available with a Switch bundle.

Double Helix was one of many skins that Fortnite fans could frustratingly only get by purchasing an expensive device. This one was included with a limited-edition Nintendo Switch x Fortnite bundle, which also gave players a DLC code for matching cosmetics and 1,000 V-Bucks.

Aside from the high cost of purchasing the console, this Nintendo Switch x Fortnite bundle isn’t actually available to purchase from most retailers anymore, so if you do want it you’ll have to strike it lucky and find one available from a third-party seller – and it certainly won’t come cheap if you do.

5. Black Knight

Black Knight skin
Epic Games
Only longtime players will have the Black Knight skin.

Black Knight was only available to unlock by maxing out Fortnite’s first-ever Battle Pass in Chapter 1 Season 2, meaning players had to not only purchase the Battle Pass but also reach Level 70, so the number of people who own this skin will be very small.

That requirement might not be as high as the modern Battle Passes, which have 100 levels of cosmetics to work through, but this was way back in 2017 when the player base was much smaller. Four years have passed since then, so the chances of seeing this in a battle royale match are incredibly slim.

4. Hacivat

Fortnite Hacivat Skin
Epic Games
Hacivat hasn’t been in the Item Shop for more than 800 days.

Hacivat – which is inspired by the traditional Turkish shadow play character – is definitely one of the rarest. The last time this skin appeared in the Item Shop was December 15, 2018, meaning it’s been over 900 days since this has seen the light of day.

Considering some skins seem to rotate back into the Item Shop at least once a month, while others hang around for a long time (we’re looking at you, The Last Laugh bundle), it’s surprising that Epic Games haven’t brought Hacivat back to switch things up and give players another chance to own this skin.

3. Galaxy

Fortnite Galaxy skin
Epic Games
Galaxy was an incredibly rare Samsung Galaxy-exclusive skin.

When Epic Games launched Fortnite for mobile, gamers with Samsung Galaxy devices were the first to be invited to test it out. This partnership continued for a while, with quite a few exclusive cosmetics tied to new Samsung products – but none have been more in-demand than the epic Galaxy skin.

This elusive skin was only available for players who purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, although some fans visited Samsung stores to log in to one of the devices and try and claim it for themselves. The skin was replaced by the Glow skin in 2019, and there’s no way to get it anymore.

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2. Renegade Raider

Fortnite Renegade Raider
Epic Games
Renegade Raider is an OG fan favorite.

The design might not be anything particularly special when compared to more modern skins, but Renegade Raider is well-loved among long-time Fortnite players. It was only available in the Item Shop in Chapter 1 Season 1, and players had to reach Level 20 and spend 1,200 V-Bucks to get it.

If you wear this skin during a match, it’s clear to other players that you’ve been visiting The Island for battle royale matches since the very beginning of the game. That alone would usually be enough for the Renegade Raider to earn the top spot on this list, but there’s one even rarer skin out there…

1. Aerial Assault Trooper

While many might expect to see Renegade Raider take the number one spot, we don’t blame you. Like the Renegade Raider, the Aerial Assault Trooper skin predates the introduction of the now-iconic Battle Pass, and it was only available to purchase in the Item Shop in Chapter 1 Season 1 for 1,200 V-Bucks after reaching Level 15.

While the level requirement for Aerial Assault Trooper wasn’t as high, most players elected to purchase the Renegade Raider skin instead, and she’s gone on to become, overall, a much more recognizable character. Not as many people own or remember Aerial Assault Trooper, so it’s definitely the rarest Fortnite skin.

So, there you have it. That’s all of the top 10 rarest skins in Fortnite for August 2021! Make sure you check out our roundup of the best Fortnite skins ever and visit our dedicated Fortnite page for the latest news, guides, and leaks.

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