Fortnite leak hints at overgrown biome for Chapter 4 Season 3

Brianna Reeves
fortnite jungle biome

A recent leak suggests a jungle biome will enter the mix whenever Epic Games rolls out Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3.

Fortnite’s next season update is expected to arrive in June, though Epic has yet to formally announce as much. Regardless, leaks and rumors about Chapter 4 Season 3 crop up every so often.

One leak, in particular, suggests the new Fortnite season may feature a desert theme. Such speculation comes courtesy of a dataminer who found files featuring palm tree textures and the like.

Now yet another piece of datamined information has supposedly offered a hint at what may await those who dive into Season 3’s upcoming arrival.

Latest Fortnite leak seems to tease a jungle biome for Season 3

As spotted by Fortnite-dedicated account Shiina, leaker LeakySussed has shared a screenshot of a datamined asset file that Epic Games added today, May 2. The file in question includes text that reads as follows: “MF_AsteriaCustomBiomes_Jungle.”

Shiina notes that this could point to a jungle biome entering the popular battle royale once Chapter 4 Season 3 goes live in the summer.

And, apparently, that’s not all. According to leakers Wenso and Loolo_WRLD, the development team is also producing new Armored Vehicles for Season 3. The two allege that NPCs codenamed “ArmoredCarGoons” will sit at the wheel of such vehicles.

Epic Games hasn’t confirmed anything about Fortnite’s supposed jungle biome or Armored Cars. However, should the latter prove accurate, they’ll mark the first armored vehicles to hit the island since the Armored Battle Bus that was introduced in Chapter 3.

Chapter 4 Season 3 won’t likely become available until early June, but a new update has given players plenty to fuss over. All-new Star Wars content is currently live in Fortnite, featuring prequel skins for Darth Maul, Anakin, Padme, and more.