Fortnite permanently removes Trios mode ahead of Ranked play release

Rishabh Sabarwal
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Epic Games have announced that the Trios team size will be permanently removed from Fortnite to make way for the battle royale’s new Ranked mode.

Trios mode to Fortnite back in Chapter 2 Season 5 when they sought to diversify the gameplay like popular games like Apex Legends, which has had a Trios matchmaking lobbies from the start.

As soon as Trios was made available, it was adopted as a standard matchmaking option for most cash cups and tournaments due to its widespread popularity within the competitive scene.

However, with the FNCS switching to Duos this year, Fortnite has made a significant adjustment to the game by introducing Ranked Play.

As a result, Epic has permanently deleted the Trios mode, which caught the amateurs off guard, in an effort to level the playing field for competitive play between pros and casual players.

Fortnite Ranked Gameplay modes

Trios vaulted from Fortnite Battle Royale and Zero Build modes

Following the introduction of Ranked mode with the v24.40 update, Fortnite has made the monumental decision to permanently remove the Trios lobbies from Battle Royale and Zero Build modes.

This is the first substantial update to the game’s lobby system since Epic implemented Trios in 2019.

The new Ranked mode, when released will feature the following team sizes:

  • Battle Royale: Solo, Duos, and Squads
  • Zero Build: Duos

Pros like SypherPK have shared their thoughts about the removal of the Trios team size, explaining that “player count could get really split and queue times could get out of hand” if Trios remained with the introduction of Ranked mode.

It’s also been confirmed that the new Ranked mode will replace Arena mode, which was a prerequisite for participating in tier-based competitive events in the game. Now that everyone has a chance to compete equally in Ranked Play, the long-term results should be intriguing to see.

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