Fortnite first-person mode: Leaks & everything we know

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Fortnite first-person mode is rumored to be releasing soon, so here’s everything we know – including the latest leaks and gameplay. 

The Fortnite v23.30 update is well underway, and with it, came a wave of leaks surrounding the game’s long-awaited first-person mode. Following on from the success of the Zero Build, it now appears Epic is finally planning to release a Fortnite first-person mode. 

While details remain rather scarce, that hasn’t stopped a number of leaks from appearing online that claim to showcase what the Fortnite first-person mode will look like. This is obviously incredibly exciting news for any player that is looking for gameplay that is a little more akin to other battle royale titles like Apex Legends and Warzone

So, in order to get you up to speed, here’s everything we currently know about the Fortnite first-person mode.  


Is there a Fortnite first-person mode release date?

No, Epic has not announced a Fortnite first-person mode release date. However, renowned leaker, Shiina, has stated that the developers have added new files for a first-person mode in the game’s files. 

This means that a Fortnite first-person mode could be launching soon and we’ll likely hear more information in the months to come. Be sure to bookmark this page as this hub will be updated as soon as official details have been announced. 

What is Fortnite first-person mode?

Fortnite first-person is rumored to be the next game mode that will enable players to aim down the sights of their guns. Not only could the mode drastically shake up the current gameplay, but it will feel more akin to other BR titles that also use the FPS formula. 

After all, being able to ADS with every weapon and view the environment from different perspectives will provide plenty of new challenges. 

Fortnite first-person mode gameplay

While no official Fortnite first-person mode gameplay has been revealed, a new bug has given players an early look at how it could function. During the clip posted above, the player can be seen flying on a Nimbus Cloud before dropping to the ground. They then select their AR, which then enables them to switch to a first-person view.

With the increased zoom, the player is able to quickly snap onto targets and use the added precision to line up highly accurate head and bodyshots. The gameplay isn’t dissimilar to that of the Red-Eye AR, which also enables players to ADS. Of course, this is just a bug, and Epic will undoubtedly refine this mode if and when it releases. 

There you have it, that’s everything we currently know about the Fortnite first-person mode. Make sure you check out our Fortnite page for all the latest news and information.

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