Best weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4: Ultimate gun tier list

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Weapons tier listDexerto

With a renewed loot pool and a fresh set of guns, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 has a new lineup of best weapons. Now that the seasonal update is out for quite some time, we have created a Fortnite guns tier list for you to choose the best weapons in your loadout.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 has brought a wave of fresh content to the island, including the return of the popular heist theme with three new POIs and interesting aspects. Players are now able to heist these POIs as a Last Resort to save the island from a new antagonist called Kado Thorne who has arrived with his henchmen and the Eclipse faction.

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While these are all new additions, perhaps the most notable is the loot pool full of unvaulted and new weapons now at your disposal. With the addition of the Scoped Burst SMG and the Twin Mag Assault Rifle, scoped weapon accuracy has returned to the game, while the Suppressed weapons now return to use during your perfect heist while dodging the henchmen and bosses.

With so many new features and modifications introduced by this update, many players are likely to be confused about which weapons are the best and which are the worst.

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Here’s a Fortnite weapons tier list that should make your decision-making a little bit simpler.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 best weapons ranked

Fortnite Last Resort weaponsEpic Games
The latest Fortnite season equips players with powerful weapons to carry out heists.

These are the best weapons currently available to use in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4

  • Sharp Tooth Shotgun
  • Scoped Burst SMG
  • Twin Mag Assault Rifle
  • Rocket Ram
  • Suppressed Sniper Rifle
  • Infiltrator Pump Shotgun
  • Suppressed Pistol

Our ranking has been formed by taking into account stats, community feedback, and our own in-game experiences with these Fortnite guns since Chapter 4 Season 4 launched in August 2023.

Below, you’ll find each weapon separated into tiers, as well as stats and a description of how well they all perform. The S Tier represents the best in class, while the C Tier should probably be avoided.

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All of the stats included are based on the highest-rarity versions available right now.

Fortnite S Tier Weapons

Weapon DPS Reload Time Mag Size Image
Sharp Tooth Shotgun 80.784 4.05 seconds 4 Sharp Tooth Shotgun in Fortnite
Twin Mag Assault Rifle 199.8 1.17 seconds 20 Twin Mag Assault Rifle
Scoped Burst SMG 171.45 2.2 seconds 32 Scoped Burst SMG
Rocket Ram 50 25 seconds cooldown 1 Rocket Ram
Suppressed Sniper Rifle 87 0.75 seconds 1 Suppressed Sniper Rifle

The most popular weapon in the previous season emerged to be the Sharp Tooth Shotgun , which was a remodel of the OG Pump with a tighter crosshair and longer range. The weapon is perfectly suited for those close to mid-range combat scenarios and box fights to effectively damage your opponents in a single shot.

The newly introduced Twin Mag Assault Rifle brings a new kind of scoped Assault Rifle which is reminiscent of the MK-Alpha but uses two magazines for faster reloads, similar to the Twin Mag SMG. The weapon is the only Assault Rifle you can easily rely on to accurately damage opponents in this season.

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The Scoped Burst SMG, which is a one-of-a-kind weapon and one of the finest submachine guns ever created, is something new this time around. You can rely on this weapon for efficient mid-range combat, and its mythic variant, which can be obtained from a boss, makes it even more potent.

The previous season lacked mobility items, but Rocket Ram turns up the heat by allowing players to launch themselves from a distance and smash through structures or ram into the ground. It is an excellent addition to your loadout due to its usefulness in destroying opponents’ structures and traversing the map.

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Finally, we couldn’t round off our S Tier without the Suppressed Sniper Rifle, one of the fan favorite weapons that are the perfect option for long-range combat – especially in its highest rarity available to eliminate your opponents in a single shot.

Fortnite A Tier Weapons

Weapon DPS Reload Time Mag Size Image
Infiltrator Pump Shotgun 111.24 4.5 seconds 6 Infiltrator Pump Shotgun
Suppressed Pistol 195.75 1.4 seconds 12 Suppressed Pistol
Combat SMG 264 2.16 seconds 32 Combat SMG in Fortnite
Shadow Tracker 195.75 1.26 seconds 16 Shadow Tracker Pistol in Fortnite
Heisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG 198 2.55 seconds 33 Heisted Run N Gun SMG in Fortnite

While we miss the Drum Shotgun, the brand-new Infiltrator Pump makes up for the amount of damage it deals to opponents. However, its fire rate is fairly lower than the Drum Shotgun but still is a worthy addition to your loadout to hit consecutive shots at your enemies.

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The next weapon on the list is the Suppressed Pistol which returns as a perfect companion while carrying out heists in one of Thorne’s properties. What sets it apart from the existing Shadow Tracker is the fully automatic fire mode which functions similarly to the Tactical Pistol.

The Combat SMG is once again one of the available weapons. It’s not the best SMG we’ve seen in Fortnite, but if it’s all you can find at the start of a match, you should definitely grab it because of how quickly it fires.

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Although it doesn’t have a huge following, the Shadow Tracker becomes invaluable in team fights thanks to its ability to mark far-off enemies and follow them for a few seconds before you switch to a long-range weapon to take them out.

This season, Fortnite stunned players once again by bringing back the heisted weapons, including the Heisted Run N’ Gun SMG, which, while equipped, allows the player to sprint indefinitely. With the Soaring Sprints augment, you may make the most of the weapon’s slap effect and increase the distance you can run and jump.

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Fortnite B Tier Weapons

Weapon DPS Reload Time Mag Size Image
Business Turret 252 2.16 seconds 32 Business Turret
Remote Explosive 220 1.89 seconds 30 Remote Explosive
Heisted Accelerant Shotgun 137.2 4.68 seconds 6 Heisted Accelerant Shotgun in Fortnite
Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle 150 2.25 seconds 30 Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle in Fortnite
Thermal DMR 137.5 2.25 seconds 10 Thermal DMR in Fortnite

A Business Turret is an excellent addition to your inventory for dealing with the chaos at Thorne’s properties, as it locks onto a target and fires consecutive shots at enemies. However, if you move too far away from the weapon, it will automatically destroy itself.

Remote Explosives have returned this season as players would need them in their inventory to destroy turrets as well as weakened walls in the three new POIs. However, they don’t prove worthy otherwise against enemies.

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The Heisted shotguns haven’t been the best this time around, unfortunately. Although the Infiltrator Pump’s damage count in the game makes the Heisted Accelerant Shotgun look less useful, it is still a good idea to get one only if you don’t have to spend keys opening a Holo-Chest to get one.

Same is the case with assault rifles as the Havoc Suppressed returns and feels a bit out of place in this season. With a low fire rate than the Twin Mag, this weapon comes useful only if you want to grab something to fire with as soon as you land from the Battle Bus.

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When it comes to using long-range weapons, a Thermal DMR can be useful, however, it proves itself weaker than the unvaulted Suppressed Sniper which is going to be a preference for several players.

Fortnite C Tier Weapons

Weapon DPS Reload Time Mag Size Image
Maven Auto Shotgun 131.6 4.72 seconds 6 Maven Auto Shotgun in Fortnite
Heisted Breacher Shotgun 106 5.1 seconds 5 Heisted Breacher Shotgun in Fortnite

The Maven Auto Shotgun’s stats may look good on paper and it’s certainly a faster-firing option, it just doesn’t have the power that the Sharp Tooth or Infiltrator Pump possesses. Meanwhile, the Heisted Breacher is made for longer-range combat than other shotguns, but at that point, you may as well use an Assault Rifle.

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As always, this ranking could end up shifting around as Epic Games rolls out Fortnite patch updates with new weapons and old classics throughout the season. But for now, this is how the state of play looks.

We’ll be sure to update this ranking when more weapons get vaulted or unvaulted as Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 progresses, so check back soon to make sure you’re using the very best weapons on offer.

That’s it for our Chapter 4 Season 4 weapons tier list. The addition of new Fortnite guns has left things looking quite different from previous seasons, and there are more to come as the season progresses. 

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