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Best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Published: 26/Oct/2021 16:43 Updated: 26/Oct/2021 16:51

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 has shaken the map up, and there’s a good mix of old and new locations to visit on The Island. Here are some of the best places to land right now for the best loot and rotation options.

With a Cube theme and multiple UFO crash sites, the Fortnite map looks very different in Season 8. Gone are the alien Trespassers and the giant Mothership, and in their place are mysterious Sideways Zones and slipstreams to zoom around.

While there’s only one new POI to explore this season, the map as a whole actually feels pretty different. This is largely thanks to the UFO crash sites we mentioned before, as well as the damage that’s been dealt to locations like Stealthy Stronghold.


Old favorites including Pleasant Park and Steamy Stacks still remain, meaning there’s a mix of new and classic locations to choose from. Here are eight of the best places to land when you leave the Battle Bus in Fortnite Season 8.


Best landing spots in Fortnite Season 8

Mountain Base Bunker

The Mountain Base bunker in Fortnite
Epic Games
The newest POI in Fortnite Season 8 is home to some powerful enemies.

The landmark formerly known as **REDACTED** Bunker, which lies near Catty Corner at the southeast of the map, has remained closed off for the entirety of Fortnite Chapter 2, but it was finally opened up after the 18.30 update – and it turns out there’s a lot of great loot to be found at this IO Base.

It’s one of the most dangerous landing spots, as it’s full of IO Guards and the Doctor Slone boss. The good news is that taking them out will guarantee you some top-tier weapons, including Slone’s Mythic Burst Assault Rifle. Stock up on guns at Catty Corner and head to Mountain Base for the good stuff.


The Convergence

The Convergance POI in Fortnite
Epic Games
The Convergence is one of the most emjoyable POIs in recent memory.

If you’re looking to jump right into the action with your next Fortnite match, then you won’t find a better landing spot than The Convergence. This central POI replaced the empty Aftermath halfway through Season 8, and it’s all the better for it as the map finally has a proper focal point.

There are loads of chests to stock up on weapons, the bounce pads make things chaotic and fun, and you’re right in the center so you won’t have to worry about escaping the Storm. This landing spot does require quite a high skill level as you’ll come face-to-face with loads of opponents, but the rewards are great.


The Sideways Zone

Fortnite Sideways Zones
Epic Games
There are loads of A-tier weapons to be found in The Sideways.

While it’s not a traditional landing spot, the Sideways Zone should be your first port-of-call this season as it contains some of the best weapons you’ll find, including the Sideways Rifle and the Sideways Scythe. These are found inside Sideways Chests, which surround the spire at the center of the Zone.

You can find the Sideways Zone by checking the map for a giant orange sphere at the start of each match. While the Sideways Anomalies (those are the purple portals) contain Sideways Chests too, there are significantly fewer of them and you risk being overwhelmed by waves of Cube Monsters inside them.


Dirty Docks

Fortnite Dirty Docks
Epic Games
Dirty Docks is a well-known loot hotspot.

Dirty Docks continues to be the best traditional landing spot in Fortnite Season 8. It has a huge amount of chests to search for weapons, which should give you a good headstart at the beginning of any match. Best of all, it’s not very popular, so you won’t have too much competition to get the best loot.

There are more than enough materials to be farmed here, too, and there’s even an Upgrade Bench to power up your weapons. Finally, there are plenty of cars and boats lying around to help you travel to your next destination once you’ve cleaned up, so you won’t have to worry about the Storm too much.


Believer Beach

Fortnite Believer Beach
Epic Games
The reimagined Believer Beach is full of chests in Fortnite.

Believer Beach (formerly known as Sweaty Sands) will likely be less busy in Season 8 as it’s no longer ‘fresh’ from its alien makeover, but don’t let that put you off paying a visit. This long-running location has the most chest spawns of any POI on The Island, which should be enough reason alone to land here.

Head for the tallest building to the east of this POI for the best loot. When you’re finished, the nearby water offers a good getaway route if needed, while the roads lead straight to the center of the map, so you can grab a vehicle and quickly escape the incoming Storm.

Dinky Dish (IO Base)

Fortnite Dinky Dish
Epic Games
This is the best IO Base to visit.

There are still a few IO Bases remaining on the Fortnite Season 8 map after the Mothership crashed, and Dinky Dish is one of the best. Located east of Craggy Cliffs, this futuristic landmark is home to loads of regular chests and ammo boxes, as well as three supply chests to get your hands on powerful weapons.

Dinky Dish is up on a hill so you’ll have an advantage, and there’s a Turret Gun to deal heavy damage to anyone trying to intrude on your turf. To top it all off, you’ll have two methods to make a quick getaway: infinite launchpads that can’t be destroyed, or IO Guard vehicles – and trust us, these cars are fast!

Misty Meadows

Misty Meadows
Epic Games
Misty Meadows is a great landing spot for beginners.

Another classic location that survived the jump to Season 8 is Misty Meadows. It may not be the most obvious landing spot in the game, but there are plenty of houses to loot and the nearby lake is the perfect spot to stock up on shield items and weapons with a spot of fishing.

Misty Meadows also strikes a good balance when it comes to footfall. You’ll get plenty of action if it’s on the Battle Bus’ flight path, but it’s not as overwhelming as landing at the very center of the map, for example. It’s the perfect choice for beginners and mid-level Fortnite players.

In Season 8, you can now purchase an Automatic Sniper Rifle from Kor, which is one of the best weapons this season, offering all the benefits of a sniper with the fast-firing of a rifle. Misty Meadows is also one of the best places to hunt wild animals like wolves to complete any Punchcard quests you have.

Stealthy Stronghold

Stealthy Stronghold

Of all the revamped locations on the Fortnite Season 8 map, Stealthy Stronghold is one of the best. It’s not very popular this season, but this means you’ll get the best pick of the loot – and there’s plenty to be found here. The area still has an IO Base (Deep Woods Dish) for some extra pickings and vehicles.

There are also launchpads to make your escape if things get too heated (or you’re being chased down by a pack of angry wolves), and a nearby slipstream as well as plenty of vehicles located right outside Stealthy Stronghold for a quick getaway once the Storm starts to close in.

Epic Games have already teased that they’ll be making more map changes as Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 progresses, so it’s likely there will be new landing spots appearing in the future. We’ll keep you updated.

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