Most popular Valorant Agents: Pick rate and win rate for characters in Episode 3 Act 3

Andrew Amos
Valorant's Jett and Phoenix, with text saying: "every valorant agent pick & win rate"

With 17 Agents to choose from in Valorant, it can be tough to choose which one to main as you try to climb the ranked ladder. We’ve taken a look at the pick rate and win rate of each Agent in the top tiers of Valorant to determine the most popular.

Episode 3 completely changed the Valorant landscape. With every single Agent getting some form of change, as well as massive overhauls to the game’s economy system, players have had a fair amount of changes to adjust to.

We also saw the introduction of two new agents in the form of KAY/O and Chamber. The stats show KAY/O may need a buff or two, but Chamber’s spot at the top of the meta looks to be solidified already.

Via data collected by Valorbuff, we’ve ordered each Agent in Valorant by pick rate (how often they appear on a team) to determine who is the most popular character in the game.

We’ve compared every agent’s pick rate to their win rate (when not playing a mirror matchup), which has revealed some interesting information about the state of the game.

Most played Valorant agents

17. Yoru

  • Pick rate: 8.7%
  • Win rate: 42.4%

Yoru is just far less impactful than other Duelists like Reyna and Jett. Yoru isn’t seen as a viable pick by almost anyone.

The devs have confirmed that he’s up for a rework in 2022 – which Riot has been teasing for months. Once that happens, he might see a spike in play, but until then it’ll be a struggle.

16. KAY/O


  • Pick rate: 9.9%
  • Win rate: 44.3%

KAY/O hasn’t been Valorant’s most underwhelming release, but a couple of months since his launch it’s evidently clear that he’s isn’t up to par with the rest of the roster.

Both his pick and win rates are low, and while he’s received a couple of buffs, the Initiator might need a few more before he’s actually useful in the ranked meta.

15. Phoenix

  • Pick rate: 16.7%
  • Win rate: 45.2%

KAY/O’s introduction initially tanked Phoenix’s play rate, but people have been flocking back to the duelist since. He’s a bit easier to play than KAY/O, with a bit more power on the entry with Run It Back.

While he sits firmly behind Reyna and Jett as Valorant’s premier duelists, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of Phoenix here and there.

14. Astra

  • Pick rate: 9.6%
  • Win rate: 48.0%

Astra has the potential to be one of the strongest Agents in Valorant. With her unparalleled ability to zone away enemies from anywhere on the map, she’s still managed to maintain a viable win rate, despite her nerfs.

Her high skill cap, however, means only the best of the best can make use of her in ranked. Other Controllers, like Omen and Brimstone, are more popular simply because they’re easier to play.

13. Omen

  • Pick rate: 33.3%
  • Win rate: 46.2%

Omen is the perfect agent for anyone looking to create pure chaos on the map. While he was once a must-pick, he’s lost that dominance at all levels of play.

However, if you love playing tricks on your enemy with teleports and smokes, he’s still a very solid option.

12. Cypher

  • Pick rate: 15.6%
  • Win rate: 46.8%

Cypher’s play rate has gradually gone down since nerfs took away his ability to impact rounds after dying, and as Killjoy received big buffs to fill the void.

With a slightly below-par win rate, the Moroccan spy might need a bit of TLC in future patches to get back to his intel-gathering best.

11. Breach

  • Pick rate: 9.6%
  • Win rate: 46.8%

The bionic Swede is struggling to adapt after having his flash charges reduced. Though Riot thought his faster weapon equip speed might compensate, he’s neither popular nor particularly effective right now.

Buffs are certainly needed to bring Breach back into line with the likes of Skye, who has taken his place in many teams.

10. Reyna

  • Pick rate: 72.5%
  • Win rate: 47.0%

Reyna is a pure Duelist. Her ability to over-heal makes her extremely powerful in early rounds of the match, and she is widely regarded as the perfect carry Agent at lower levels.

Her win rate has taken a slight knock — probably because she faced a bunch of nerfs — but she’s still a good option if you’re looking to drag your team to victory by the scruff of the neck.

9. Sage

  • Pick rate: 72.3%
  • Win rate: 47.3%

Despite receiving nerf after nerf, Sage remains strong as ever. Who knew that a healer in a tactical FPS would dominate the meta?

Anyone with a more supportive streak should definitely look at using the Chinese Sentinel to climb the ladder to the very top.

8. Skye

  • Pick rate: 23.7%
  • Win rate: 47.3%

The eco-warrior Sentinel is starting to make her mark on the meta. Her ability to sniff out locations of enemies is only really matched by Sova, and she provides a decent alternative healing option to Sage.

She also has the ability to just entry for herself with a faster flash equip — and while it’s been nerfed, she’s still a somewhat popular pick at the higher levels.

7. Jett

  • Pick rate: 65.3%
  • Win rate: 47.5%

Probably the flashiest Agent in Valorant, Jett is also one of the most popular. “Ranked demons” love her for the carry potential, and everyone wants to hit a sick clip with all her mobility.

If you’re an aggressive player looking to singlehandedly carry your team to victory, Jett could be the Duelist you need to play to climb to the top.

6. Chamber

  • Pick rate: 16.0%
  • Win rate: 48.0%

Despite being this being Chamber’s first rodeo on the list, the French Sentinel has started hot.

Using his abilities to frag out like a duelist which seconds as great defensive ability makes the newest agent one of the best.

5. Sova

  • Pick rate: 35.8%
  • Win rate: 48.2%

In the right hands, Sova can be lethal. Mastering his lineups is the key difference between a good Sova and a great one, with his unparalleled utility making him one of Valorant’s highest-performing Agents.

If you’re looking for an agent to main, you could do much worse than the Russian.

4. Brimstone

  • Pick rate: 19.3%
  • Win rate: 48.5%

Valorant’s American Controller is holding his own in the meta right now, providing a very solid smokes option for almost any comp. He’s particularly effective on Bind, where he can use his utility to clear out chokepoints with ease.

Brimstone’s simplicity is his charm, so if you’re struggling with some of the other smoke options, you can make things work with him.

3. Raze

  • Pick rate: 34.9%
  • Win rate: 49.6%

Raze is probably the most irritating Agent to play against. Every single one of her abilities can slaughter an opponent, with her satchels opening up innovative ways of getting into opponents’ faces.

Statistically speaking, she’s probably the best agent in Valorant currently, meaning we could see some nerfs soon.

2. Viper

  • Pick rate: 28.3%
  • Win rate: 50.8%

After being classed as one of the weakest Agents in Valorant on release, Viper is now arguably one of the best in the game.

She became a bit overtuned after a wave of buffs, but she’s become much more popular as a result. Now, her win rate sits at the second highest in Valorant, making her a solid pick for any team.

1. Killjoy

  • Pick rate: 31.6%
  • Win rate: 54.1%

Killjoy possesses an almost unrivaled ability to lock down sites, and her win rate has only skyrocketed once people realized the potential of the German Sentinel.

With her hard-to-counter abilities, Killjoy is the perfect Agent to one-trick (just look at that 54.1% win rate) if you haven’t got an ironed-on main yet.

These stats are really important to Riot when it comes to balancing agents, as they give a good indication of the game’s health, so expect the top picks to receive some nerfs (and some buffs for the stragglers) in future updates.