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Shroud claims Valorant’s Neon is fun but “so awful”

Published: 27/Feb/2022 16:44

by Shay Robson


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has claimed that Valorant’s newest agent Neon is bad compared to other characters, but he doesn’t completely hate the Filipino agent.

Neon is the 18th and the newest addition to the ever-growing playable roster of agents in Valorant after arriving with the release of Episode 4 earlier in the year.

Following her release, Shroud claimed that Neon could be the most annoying agent to be added to the game yet. However, a few weeks later the popular streamer followed up by saying the new duelist is “trash” and won’t find a place in the meta.


Now, the Twitch star has claimed the agent is still bad, however, he believes she can be fun to play.

valorant neon
Riot Games
Neon is the 18th agent to join Valorant’s fast-growing roster.

During a YouTube video uploaded on February 26, Shroud was amazed by how bad Neon was when playing her on Breeze. “It’s crazy how bad this character is, like actually,” claimed the former Counter-Strike pro. “She’s fun but so f**king awful.”

After an impressive comeback after being down five rounds at the start of the game, the Twitch star continued: “Neon’s so f**king bad but she’s fun because you just run around. You run around you spam your stuns, your walls, and some cool sh*t happens sometimes.”


However, the popular streamer added that usually, it’s not that fun. “But for the most part, nothing happens.”

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Lately, the former competitive player has been highly critical of his regular games, recently revealing why he believes Bind is the worst map in Valorant. 

The former CS pro would seemingly like to see changes, but who knows if Riot will give them to him.