Valorant players are already concerned about Deadlock’s “instant win” ability

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Riot Games have unveiled Valorant’s latest agent, Deadlock, and players are already worried that one of her abilities is an “instant win” in certain situations.

Valorant’s newest Norwegian sentinel has a host of tricks up her sleeves, with many of her abilities preventing enemies from moving properly- or at all.

She’s got a barrier that prevents movement in four different directions, a net grenade that forces you to crouch, and a sonar detector that means her enemies will always have to stay quiet, but it’s her ultimate that is drawing the most attention from Valorant players.

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Valorant players fear Deadlock’s ult is an “instant win” for 1v1s

Deadlock’s ultimate, fittingly titled Annihilation, has received a lot of focus from the community, and it’s easy to see why. When she hits an enemy with it, they’re immobilized and are slowly drawn to where she fired from, and if they reach that point, they instantly die.

Allies can shoot the “cocoon” down to rescue the teammate, but in 1v1 situations, there’s no way out; being tagged by this is a guaranteed death.

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What makes it worse is the fact that Deadlock can rebound the ult off of walls to attack from safer angles, like she does in her gameplay trailers. Additionally, the hit detection is pretty forgiving, because a large bubble appears at the point of impact if an enemy agent wasn’t hit in the beam.

With the possible exception of Raze ult, it’s never been this easy to secure a kill in a 1v1 scenario, and it’s got the community a bit riled up.

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Players quickly noted that Deadlock ult would mean a free win in a 1v1 fight, because she doesn’t need to peek to hit you with it.

For more news and updates on the latest Valorant Agent, check out our analysis of what the community will make of Deadlock in the competitive scene.

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