Valorant’s new Progression System explained

Sourav Banik
Valorant's new Progression System updateRiot Games

Riot has revamped the progression system of Valorant, meaning players will have new things to look forward to. Here’s everything you need to know.

With the release of Episode 7 Act 1, Valorant players will get to see a new quality of life update in the game. Riot has brought significant changes to the progression system to include a new free in-game currency, better daily rewards, agent accessories, and contracts.

The new Episode will start as soon as this Act’s Night Market bids adieu, on June 27. With that said, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the game’s new progression system.

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Valorant introduces new free in-game currency: Kingdom Credits

Kingdom Credits is the new free in-game currency that will debut with the arrival of Episode 7 in Valorant. This will allow players to purchase several items, both from Agent contracts and the new in-game Accessory Store.

The icon of this new currency resembles a diagonal card with the letter ‘K’ in it. You’ll be able to find it in the top right corner of the menu, right beside your Radianite and Valorant Points.

As this currency is free, you won’t be able to purchase any premium items, like cosmetics or skin bundles, with it. Instead, it will allow you to unlock free stuff, from an Agent’s contract to items that you were unable to unlock in a previous battle pass.

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You can earn Kingdom Credits by playing any game mode (except Deathmatch) and earn a bonus for winning rounds (for modes with rounds).

  • Totally free and accrues alongside Battlepass XP and Agent Recruitment XP.
  • Credits cap at 10,000, so spend it often.
  • Can be exchanged to unlock various items (more on these in their sections below):
    • Agents from the Agent Store
    • Agent Gear
    • Previous Battlepass Accessories: Gun Buddies, Player Cards, Sprays, and Titles

New Agent Contracts, accessories, and daily rewards

“Agent Contracts are now Agent Recruitment events in Valorant”, the devs said in an announcement video.

Agent Contracts will now act as a multi-level pass that can unlock Agents and their themed items by earning XP. These will get automatically activated via free Event Passes and will stay active for 28 days. Players won’t need to manually activate them again, and it will start as soon as Agent 23 is released in Valorant.

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  • Earn Agent Recruitment progress by playing and unlock an Agent in roughly the same amount of time as it used to take to unlock Agents by reaching Level 5 in the old Agent Contract System.
  • While earning Agent Recruitment progress and XP, you’ll also earn Kingdom Credits that can be used toward items in the Agent Store, Agent Gear, and Accessory Store.
  • You can still spend VP any time to buy the Agent right away.

You get a few weeks of time to unlock the new Agents through XP. In case the time period expires, you may choose to unlock the Agent by simply forking 8,000 Kingdom Credits. However, the option to recruit them via Valorant Points will continue to exist if you don’t want to wait that long.

And lastly, the Daily Rewards will now earn you both XP and Kingdom Credits. The more you play, the more XP and Kingdom Credits you’ll collect along the way.

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Valorant Progression System rewardsRiot Games
You can earn XP from various game modes.

Progress earned from different game modes in Valorant

The progress earned varies from game mode to game mode. While playing Competitive and Unrated modes earns you more Progress, Spike Rush and Escalation will earn you less.

  • Dailies: Grants XP that counts toward Battlepass, Event Pass, Agent Pass, and Kingdom Credits.
  • Weekly Missions: Grants XP that counts toward Battlepass, Event Pass, and Agent Pass.
  • Account XP, applying to your Account Level.
  • Flat amounts of XP and Kingdom Credits for playing games and winning rounds

Here’s how much progress you can make towards Dailies per game mode:

Game ModeProgress Earned
Unrated1 Progress per round won
Competitive1 Progress per round won
Swift Play1 Progress per round won
Premier1 Progress per round won
Spike Rush2 Progress per match
Escalation2 Progress per match
Team Deathmatch2 Progress per match

If you miss a day of play, your 4 checkpoints will convert into a catch-up bonus that applies a 2x multiplier toward one of your checkpoints the following day.

So, there you have it — that’s everything you need to know about Valorant’s new progression system. For more about the game, make sure to check some of our other Valorant content:

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