Valorant devs looking to buff Omen following controversial Episode 6 nerf

valorant omenRiot Games

The Valorant devs have revealed they’re exploring options to buff Omen following community outcry after Episode 6 nerfs.

Omen is set to undergo a major change with the release of Valorant’s Episode 6 Act 1 on January 10. The leaked patch notes revealed that the popular Controller will see changes to his Dark Cover ability.

The Agent will no longer be able to take advantage of the one-way smoke mechanic, with his smokes now falling to the height of the nearby ground instead.

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Aiming to balance one-way smokes as a whole with the change, the devs noted they’d keep an eye on how it impacts the Agent’s power level. However, the community hasn’t taken too kindly to the changes, with many showing their worries.

Responding to concerns from players on how it’ll impact Omen’s place in the meta, Riot developer Coleman ‘Altombre’ Palm has revealed the devs are exploring options to buff the Controller in the future.

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“Rest assured, we’re aware that this is an Omen nerf, and we’re in the early stages of exploring if there are any buff opportunities to compensate for this,” the dev explained. “But I can’t make any promises – we want to see what the impact of this change is”

He added: “We felt that the ‘inside walls red arrow’ one-way smokes were unintuitive and unintended, and that we’d rather tune Omen around more accessible and intentional gameplay going forward.”

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The devs aim to balance one-way smokes with the change, so it’s unlikely we’ll see them revert. However, rest assured Riot is looking for ways to ensure Omen remains a strong pick.

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