How to play Chamber in Valorant: Abilities, tips & tricks

Chamber is Valorant’s French Sentinel and we’ve got a guide to his abilities, and some tips and tricks. Here’s an overview of this agent with out Valorant Chamber guide.

Chamber’s launch in Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 was explosive, with the Sentinel Agent really taking Future Earth by storm with his impressive arsenal. The utility he offers is vastly different to other Sentinels, operating like a duelist in most situations.

If you back your aim, then Chamber is the Valorant Agent for you. We’ve got the ultimate guide to the French Sentinel right here, including an ability breakdown and some tips and tricks to make the most out of him.

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Chamber standing adjusting tieRiot Games
Chamber is in the business of clean kills — both with his looks and his arsenal.

Chamber’s abilities in Valorant

Chamber loves one thing in Valorant, and that’s big, bulky guns. Lots of them. He has access to an arsenal of weapons ⁠— juggling up to four weapons at once depending on the round. It’s a lot to take in, but that’s not all the abilities he has access to.

  • Ability 1 ⁠— Trademark (150 Creds, max 2): PLACE a trap that scans for enemies. When a visible enemy comes in range, the trap counts down and then destabilizes the terrain around them, creating a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.
  • Ability 2 ⁠— Headhunter (100 Creds per bullet, max 8 bullets): ACTIVATE to equip a heavy pistol. ALT FIRE with the pistol equipped to aim down sights.
  • Signature Ability ⁠— Rendezvous (Free, 20s recharge): PLACE two teleport anchors. While on the ground and in range of an anchor, REACTIVATE to quickly teleport to the other anchor. Anchors can be picked up to be REDEPLOYED.
  • Ultimate Ability ⁠— Tour de Force (7 Points): ACTIVATE to summon a powerful, custom sniper rifle that will kill an enemy with any direct hit. Killing an enemy creates a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.

While his kit is very much centered around his firepower, Chamber does bring some utility in the form of two slows. He also has a handy teleport he can use to rotate to safety ⁠— which we’ll talk about more in a second.

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Chamber scoped in to Tour de Force in ValorantRiot Games
Chamber’s Tour de Force is his pièce de résistance.

How to play Chamber

Chamber is an aggressive Sentinel Agent ⁠— almost akin to a duelist in Valorant. He still provides his team plenty of utility with slows, but a lot of his kit only comes online if you back yourself and your aim.

You want to step up with your lethal firepower in Headhunter and Tour de Force, get frags, then get back to safety instantly with a well-placed Rendezvous. It’s always a decent idea to place a defensive Rendezvous and then pocket the other, quickly dropping it after getting a frag and teleporting out. It’s a better get-out-of-jail-free card than Jett’s Tailwind, and almost as good as Reyna’s Dismiss.

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However, the big downside of Chamber’s gameplay is that he is very much aim-reliant. Two of his four abilities are just guns, and the third is a teleport for yourself. As a Sentinel, only having one ability that “benefits” the team if you’re not shooting well is hardly a good thing.

Therefore, you need to be willing to step up, take aim duels, and win fights for your teams. This is especially prudent on defenses, where Chamber can hold sites single-handedly before teleporting out to safety to wait for the cavalry to rotate in.

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Chamber standing adjusting tie in ValorantRiot Games
Chamber isn’t for the feint-hearted: You have to back your aim.

Place your Trademarks in hard-to-shoot spots

Trademarks are very powerful when placed in the right position, but they’re also incredibly fragile. You want them to activate without enemies suspecting it ⁠— or being able to stop it. That means not placing Trademarks behind penetrable walls and boxes that can be prefired, or wide out in the open.

If you force enemies to peek into the Trademark, letting it explode or having to choose between shooting it or an ally posted up holding an angle, that’s when it’ll be most effective. Forget the slow (although it’s handy) ⁠— it’s just a great bit of utility to bait and play off.

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A bonus with Trademarks is unlike Killjoy and Cypher’s assorted gadgets, you don’t have to worry about the robots deactivating once he dies. They’ll remain active on the field, so Chamber can still play a part in the late-round even if you fall early.

Trust your aim? Buy Headhunter bullets on ecos

Want two guns to start the game? With Chamber you can do that thanks to his Headhunter pistol. Stronger than the Sheriff, if you back your one-taps you’re going to want to buy a few bullets heading into the pistol round as well as ecos.

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You can buy four bullets and light shields in pistol rounds, or go full glass cannon with eight shots. If you invest into the Headhunter and hit your shots, it’s totally worth it. However, if all else fails, at least you have the Classic to fall back onto.

The same strategy works for eco rounds ⁠— and if you land a couple of one-taps there, you can completely swing the tides of the game (and the economy) in your team’s favor.

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Tour de Force can establish double OP setups

The Tour de Force is a great investment for Chamber, akin to Jett bringing out her Blade Storm once the option is open. It’s got more power, with the five-shot sniper being a one-shot kill to anywhere on the body, and dropping slow fields on top of corpses.

With the Operator being a hefty investment, you can get a double “sniper” setup for cheap thanks to Chamber. Post one up on your Jett (or other aim god), and let Chamber tear apart enemies with the Tour de Force.

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He even has a reliable escape thanks to his Rendezvous teleports, quickly dropping a beacon and activating it to leave danger if you set up correctly at the start of rounds. These small economy advantages you earn by doing this pay off big time across a 12-round half.

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