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How to play as Reyna: Valorant’s life-draining Duelist Agent

Published: 10/Jun/2020 8:53 Updated: 16/Jun/2020 16:32

by Brad Norton


Valorant’s eleventh Agent, Reyna, is an ideal pick for hyper-aggressive players that want to see themselves top fragging in every match. Here’s an in-depth breakdown of the vampire-inspired character, so you can get the edge over your opposition.

Reyna is an Agent capable of swinging rounds with aggressive multi-kill plays. She can shut down enemy attacks in the blink of an eye, or even flank to a great deal of success. How well you perform with the Mexican Duelist largely depends on how well you’re able to blend her abilities into fluid sequences. 

There’s more nuance to her abilities than first meets the eye, so here’s a detailed breakdown to help you get the most out of Reyna.

Reyna’s abilities

Riot Games
Reyna is one of the more unique Duelist Agents in Valorant.

Reyna’s kit is designed to help you in firefights. Each ability compliments and rewards an aggressive style of play. One that finds you in positions that often wouldn’t be wise for other Agents.

  • Ability 1 – Leer (200 Creds) — EQUIP an ethereal, destructible eye. ACTIVATE to cast the eye a short distance forward. The eye will Nearsight all enemies who look at it.
  • Ability 2 – Devour (100 Creds) — Soul Harvest: Enemies killed by Reyna leave behind Soul Orbs that last 3 seconds. Devour: INSTANTLY consume a nearby Soul Orb, rapidly healing for a short duration. Health gained through this skill exceeding 100 will decay over time. If EMPRESS is active, this skill will automatically cast and not consume the Soul Orb.
  • Signature Ability – Dismiss (Free) — INSTANTLY consume a nearby Soul Orb, becoming intangible for a short duration. If EMPRESS is active, also become invisible.
  • Ultimate Ability – Empress (6 points) — INSTANTLY enter a frenzy, increasing firing, equip and reload speed dramatically. Gain infinite charges of Soul Harvest abilities. Scoring a kill renews the duration.

Where Reyna stands out is through her choices after a kill. Soul Orbs drop directly over enemy corpses, giving the Agent two unique options. She can either regenerate health to 100 HP – and even overheal to 150 – or become invincible for a very short period in order to reposition (makes her invisible when combined with her Ultimate).

It’s in these split moments after an elimination where Reyna can truly shine. Do you go for the overheal and keep pushing the pace? Or do you grab a Soul Orb from your enemy’s corpse and back away while invulnerable? Every situation varies, but with experience, you’ll know which option fits best.

Combined with her blinding utility and a buffing Ultimate, the Agent is able to overwhelm entire teams more or less by herself if timed just right.

Reyna gameplay

As Reyna, the majority of your kit won’t come alive unless you’re fragging out. Playing extremely passive on attack won’t benefit you or the team. To reach your full potential with the Agent, try to position yourself at the front of any big pushes or branch out for a flank when possible.

If you’re leading the charge, you can play off the back of allied smokes and stuns, or even cast your own blinding eye which will ‘Nearsight’ any enemies looking directly at it. After your first pick, try to assess the area. If more enemies are close by, turn invulnerable and get back to the safety of your team. If you’re flanking and want to continue applying pressure, overheal, and repeat the process. 

One thing to be very cautious of when playing Reyna, however, is just how quickly her Leer can be dealt with by the opposition. Similar to Sova’s Recon Bolt, enemies can quickly snap and shoot down the floating orb almost instantly. Don’t make the mistake of casting the ability and running out in the open after it’s destroyed. 

Riot Games
Reyna’s Leer can be taken out with just a few quick shots by your opposite number.

Her Ultimate dramatically buffs damage output and applies skills faster than usual. This means you can blend your choices together with a greater impact. Ultimately, you want to be flowing. Casting abilities one after another and trying to merge her kit into one smooth sequence of events will overwhelm enemy teams and make you very difficult to take down.

Dexerto’s take: Ideal for setting the pace

While Reyna might not be the most common Duelist pick in pro-level competitions (just yet), she might be one of the best in her class when it comes to grinding the ranked ladder.

She’s capable of flipping rounds in an instant with crucial picks. Better yet, she can often do so with minimal downsides. She can heal back to full health and then some, or reposition to safety. Making her one of the best at setting an early pace and giving your team an advantage with little risk.

It’s vital to remember that each ability passes by in an instant. Once you secure a kill, you want to think fast and flow to your next move. Standing by and taking time will only waste Reyna’s potential. The second a Soul Orb appears, make your decision and think about what comes next.

Riot Games
Soul Orbs should often be consumed the instant after a kill is confirmed.

Reyna is unlike every other Agent in Valorant. You need to switch gears or you’ll never reach her full potential. With experience, this process will become second nature. You’ll be able to make decisions on the fly and truly leave the enemy team in shock as to how things fell apart so quickly.


Valorant First Strike Global Finals: European predictions

Published: 29/Nov/2020 15:51

by Lauren Bergin


Eight teams have qualified for Valorant’s European First Strike finals, but only one will emerge victorious. Who will take the regional crown? We’ve ranked all qualifying teams ahead of the Global Finals.

Valorant’s First Strike is Riot’s first real move into developing their flagship tactical shooter into a well-established esport. Although events like the Ignition Series and other smaller competitions have allowed teams to flex their muscles throughout the year, the First Strike series has become the true proving ground.

Ahead of the European leg of the Global Finals — one which has seen Guild Esports have to forfeit a win against G2 Esports, among a plethora of upsets — we’ve compiled our predictions of what teams to keep an eye on between December 3-6.

First Strike Europe predictions

8. Orgless V (formerly Prodigy)

Orgless V’s qualifying run has been anything but easy. The first round of qualifiers saw a decent run for the team, but their game in the Playoffs against Team Liquid was anything but convincing. While their first map of Ascent went pretty well, the team were demolished by Liquid on Split.

Their mental, however, remained unbroken. The second round of qualifiers saw Orgless V face-off against L’Institut in a slightly better showing, but L’Institut have a lot less experience than the likes of G2 Esports or Team Liquid and still managed to give Orgless V some trouble. If they’re looking to put on a show versus the big dogs, they’ll really need to step-up their game.

7. Purple Cobras

Purple Cobras have certainly had a few shining moments throughout their battle for one of the top spots. While their first attempt to qualify didn’t go swimmingly, they came back with vengeance and toppled titans in order to earn that First Strike spot.

A strong performance against iconic FPS organization Ninjas in Pyjamas — a team who gave G2 a run for their money — saw the Cobras secure their spot in the Playoffs, where they went up against ‘need more DM.’ Possibly one of the easier opponents of the playoffs bracket, it’ll be interesting to see if the Purple Cobras can slither their way into a better spot.

6. nolpenki

Nolpenki are the team that no one quite expected to be here. A band of five friends just playing for fun, their first attempt at qualifying ended with a loss to Orgless V and it seemed as though they were maybe just ‘another rookie team.’

That’s not quite the case. Coming back in the second round of qualifiers, nolpenki have emerged as a force to be reckoned with. A fierce battle saw the band of brothers topple fan favorites Guild Esports, who were tipped as being one of the teams likely to make the main event. This, followed by the madness of their reverse sweep against Enterprise Esports sets them up as a possible dark horse in the fight for the title.

5. Team Heretics

Team Heretics are the obvious frontrunners from the second round of qualifiers. Their performance throughout this round was one of dominance, as they stomped pretty much every opponent they were matched against throughout the Play-ins.

Their playoffs performance cemented this, as they dismantled Team Finest with insane plays on both Ascent and Bind. Team Heretics are definitely ones to watch, especially if others see them as less threatening than the likes of FunPlus Phoenix and G2 Esports. Win or lose, we know Team Heretics are going to put on a show.


SUMN FC are a team that a lot of fans wouldn’t expect to be so high on this list. Yet another org-less team based out of the UK, SUMN have cemented themselves as one of the best Valorant teams in Europe. Their run through the qualifiers and play-ins was smooth sailing, with none of their opponents being able to even slightly rock the proverbial boat.

The Playoffs, however, were a little tougher for the UK’s newest contender. Although beating eXiLe eSports 2-0, their opposite number made them work for it and the games were tight. While SUMN are in a great position to take out some of the lower ranked teams, whether they can prove themselves against the ‘best of the best’ is another story entirely.

3. Team Liquid

Team Liquid’s Valorant journey hasn’t always been the easiest. A lot of Valorant fans will cast their mind back to the organization’s less than satisfactory third place at the BLAST Twitch Invitational, where a 0-2 loss to FunPlus Phoenix forced Liquid back to the drawing board.

This time, however, TL have made the First Strike Europe qualifiers and Playoffs look like a walk in the park, and insane plays from Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom and Travis ‘L1NK’ Mendoza have come to define expectations for the future of Liquid in Valorant. Can they finally see off FPX and G2?

2. FunPlus Phoenix

When Chinese organization FunPlus Phoenix announced their entry into the European Valorant scene, players and fans were shaken. FPX’s history of dominance outside the Valorant sphere set them up as favorites in the competition — and it’s a legacy that they’ve proven they deserve.

Their play-in and playoff runs were marked by pure dominance, only dropping three maps en-route to the main event. It’ll be interesting to see how they stack up against longtime rivals G2. Will their League of Legends dominance transfer over to Future Earth? Or will G2 have their number in Riot’s FPS?

1. G2 Esports

G2 Esports have become one of esports’ most respected teams in the world. Associated with excellence and passion, these samurai have sliced open every game they’ve played, rejigged the meta to suit themselves and left others play catch-up. Their Valorant story is no different.

With a win-rate of 88% and a roster featuring former CS:GO pros like Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Cañellas Colocho and Ardis ‘Ardiis’ Svarenieks, the heat is on for G2. Their qualifying run was dominant, their plays insane and they just keep getting better. We won’t be too surprised if G2 win First Strike Europe, but we can’t wait to see them fight to get there.

G2 Esports to take Valorant’s European crown

Dexerto's Valorant First Strike EU predicitions
Riot Games / Dexerto
G2 Esports are undeniably the best team in Europe heading into First Strike’s finals, but can they live up to expectations?

So that’s it for our predictions. We certainly can’t tell the future, but based on each team’s showing in the tournament so far, we think G2 are the hot favorites to come out on top.