Valorant’s new Agent Clove tears up meta with staggering pick & win rates

Jeremy Gan
Valorant cinematic image of Clove

Valorant’s newest Agent, Clove, is tearing up the ranked meta as their pick and win rate soars after the 8.11 update — and is even dominating pro play.

When Clove came out on March 26, 2024, it was obvious that their kit was going to massively shake up the meta. The ability to revive, give themselves a movement and health buff, and all while providing the team with utility as a Controller was going to be a game changer.

However, several months after their release, they didn’t make such an instant splash like some of Valorant’s more infamous Agents (looking at you, Chamber). Now, after the 8.11 update, Clove’s place in the meta has very much changed.

In the 8.11 update, Clove received balance changes that nearly veered towards nerfs, with Pick-Me-Up and their ult Not Dead Yet getting cost increases and some timing changes. But that isn’t stopping Clove from dominating the meta.

Valorant agent win rates from
With 21,825 matches played, Clove still dominates the Radiant-ranked ladder

According to, in just Episode 8 Act 3 alone, Clove is consistently in the top three most picked Agents across all ranks. The lowest in the ranking they go is fourth in Iron 1 and 2.

At Platinum 3, a good middle point for the ranks, Clove is sitting at a 10.5% pick rate, with an insanely high 52.7% win rate.

For context, this data is taken from 1.5 million matches, and the Agent with nearly the same amount of matches played, Reyna, only has a 50% win rate. In second place is Deadlock, with only 166,000 matches played and a 50.3% win rate.

If we are to look at the stats for Radiant, where the best players are, Clove has a 10.9% pick rate, once again topping the win rate chart at 53.6% at 21,800 matches played. The Agent with nearly equivalent matches played, again Reyna, only has a 51% win rate. In second place, Iso has 5,900 matches played and is at 52.5%.

Clove’s dominance is also backed up in the pro scene, VCT, as Clove finally made their debut in tier 1 at VCT Pacific, where DRX’s Flashback played them against ZETA DIVISION. DRX won that map 13-0, a flawless game.

As for why Clove has suddenly picked up steam despite no big changes, it’s a bit of a mystery.