How to play Brimstone in Valorant: Abilities, tips & tricks

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Valorant’s American Controller, Brimstone, provides more utility than most other Agents with his extensive set of abilities – but just how do you play him? Here are our top tips.

Brimstone is arguably one of the most fun Agents to use in Valorant. Whether you’re torching an enemy with your Molotov, or slowly searing opponents to death with your ult, he has some very entertaining ways of securing kills.

But if you’re stuck on how best to use Brimstone’s array of useful abilities in the game, fear no more. We’ve got you covered.

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Valorant Brimstone: Abilities

Riot Games
Managing your ultimates is as important as managing your money.

Three of Brimstone’s abilities enable you to zone opponents into vulnerable positions and take them out more easily, which is especially useful when taking sites, while his Stim beacon can help you and your teammates gain the upper hand in duels. Here are each of his abilities in detail:

  • First Core Ability — Incendiary (250 creds): EQUIP a Molotov launcher. FIRE to launch an incendiary grenade that will bounce twice before exploding when it hits the floor, igniting an area of effect which will damage enemies and teammates when stood on.
  • Second Core Ability — Stim Beacon (100 creds each): EQUIP a disc. FIRE to throw the disc onto the ground, creating an area of effect which, when stood in by Brimstone and teammates, will buff players’ rate of fire by 15% for 12 seconds. This ability has two charges.
  • Signature Ability — Sky Smoke (100 creds each): EQUIP a map. LEFT CLICK to select target areas, and RIGHT CLICK to send smokes to the targeted areas. Smokes will obscure vision for 19.25s. Brimstone can equip up to three charges for this ability at the beginning of each round.
  • Ultimate Ability — Orbital Strike (7 points): EQUIP a strike map. FIRE to send an AOE beam of light that will rapidly cause damage over 3 seconds to all Agents who get caught in the area of effect.

Brimstone is built for zoning and gaining intel. Your incendiary is perfect for closing off entry points or clearing out corners, enabling you to take sites with that little bit more ease.

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But as far as Ultimate Abilities go, Brimstone’s is one of Valorant’s best. Even if you don’t get a kill from using it, it’s perfect for clearing enemies from vantage points or for punishing opponents who are foolish enough to be camped in a corner or cubby.

Riot Games
Brimstone’s smokes can make site entry points harder for opponents to pass through.

How to play Brimstone in Valorant

Brimstone isn’t exactly useless on defense, but it’s on attack where he really shines. Brimstone is built for taking and holding sites, but try not to use him as an entry fragger; leave that to a Duelist like Jett or Phoenix. It’s your job to follow up and trade kills if your teammate falls.

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Use your smokes to cordon off areas where enemies might be lurking and restrict their lines of sight. They’ll either be forced to wait around for 19 seconds while the smoke clears, or move to a less advantageous angle. Either way, learning good lineups for your smokes is a must.

One neat trick on attack comes when enemies try to retake the site. If you hear an opponent tap that defuse button, that should be your call to action. Firing an incendiary on top of the spike will force enemies away, giving you valuable time to let the spike detonate.

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On defense, use your stim beacon to give you a buff when going for early trades.  You can also use your incendiary to delay spike placements and give your team more time to rotate.

Valorant BrimstoneRiot Games
Brimstone can turn the entire flow of a round with his Controller abilities.

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