Riot dev confirms KAY/O buffs likely due to weak performance in Valorant

Shay Robson
Riot Games

Despite only being released last act, KAY/O isn’t currently in the best of positions, having a pretty weak performance in Valorant matchmaking, and Riot is potentially looking to do something about it.

While KAY/O was only released with Episode 3 Act 1, he’s quickly fallen off in the Valorant power rankings and is supposedly underperforming in matchmaking, according to a Riot dev.

After only being in the game for one act, Riot is potentially looking to do something to give the agent the little boost he needs to get back up to a viable pick in-game.

Riot Games
KAY/O is the latest agent to join the field in Valorant, released with Episode 3 Act 1.

According to Valorbuff, KAY/O currently holds the second-lowest win rate at 43.2%, and a low pick rate of 16.2%. Keep in mind the statistics aren’t from an official Riot source, so take them with a grain of salt.

As KAY/O mains are concerned with the balancing of their favorite agent, one player asked the devs for their thoughts on the agent, which got a very brief response from Riot dev Coleman ‘Altombre’ Palm.

“Kayo’s weak in matchmaking. Likely needs buffs – we’re investigating,” the dev said on Reddit.

The response from Altombre gives us nothing to go off when it comes to the changes we could see with KAY/O, or when we’ll actually see any changes if any. Keep in mind, the Riot is currently only investigating, so by all means we could expect no changes coming to the agent.

Another agent that is looking to get some buffs since Episode 2 is Yoru, but unfortunately, that’s been delayed indefinitely as the Riot team doesn’t have enough time to complete the necessary changes to ship the changes.

As they’ve been working on Yoru changes for months, the timeline on when we’ll get KAY/O is completely in the air.