Best Valorant agents to play in Episode 8 Act 2

Daniel Appleford
an image of some agents from Valorant

Determining the most effective Agents to play in Valorant can be a challenge, but with the data gathered from the VCT Kickoff, there is now a clearer understanding of which Agents are best suited for the current meta.

The VCT Kickoff has now concluded and showcased the top two teams from each region. These eight teams, spanning across China, Pacific, EMEA, and Americas, will test their skills against one another in Madrid.

Each of the four regions competed within their respective groups throughout February to narrow the number of teams from 11 to just two. While some teams prevailed over others, the Agent selection remained consistent.

Here are the top Agents to play in each category in Episode 8 Act 2 based on data from the VCT Kickoff.

Best Duelist Agents in Valorant Episode 8 Act 2

Jett and Raze emerged as the top two duelists across the four regions, with Raze being the most popular. Raze boasted an impressive 57% overall selection rate during the Kickoff, particularly resonating with the EMEA scene where she secured a remarkable 67% selection rate.

Best Duelists in Valorant 2024

Meanwhile, Jett secured the second spot with a 37% selection rate. However, these figures were somewhat distorted due to EMEA exclusively opting for Jett at a rate of 12%, while typically showing a preference for Yoru, who garnered a 21% selection rate.

Best Controllers

Viper was by far the most used Controller in VCT with a staggering 74% selection rate. However, Omen was a close second at 61% thanks to many teams selecting multiple Controllers for their comp.

Best Controllers in Valorant 2024

Astra, Brimstone, and Harbor each received at least one selection in all four regions. However, they exhibited low pick and success rates, indicating that many teams favored the strengths of Omen and Viper instead.

Best Sentinels

Cypher and Killjoy emerged as the top choices for the Sentinels category during the Kickoff, with Cypher securing a 40% selection rate and Killjoy following closely with a 33% rate. Surprisingly, the Sentinels category as a whole received limited attention across the regions.

Best Sentinels in Valorant 2024

Chamber, Deadlock, and Sage only played individual matches and did not consistently receive playtime in any region.

Best Initiators

The choice of Initiators remained consistent across all regions, with Sova and Skye slightly standing out at 38% and 28%, respectively. All six Initiators were used in multiple matches, varying based on the map and player strengths.

Best Initiators in Valorant 2024

When it comes to selecting an Initiator, there is flexibility in determining the best-suited Agent. However, Breach and Geeko had the lowest selection rates at 17% and 14%, respectively.

Episode 8 Act 2 has just begun and with a new Agent on the horizon, we could see a potential shift in the meta. But for now, take advice from the professionals as to what Agents are currently the best in the game.

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