Starfield dev laughs at games media outlets asking for PS5 codes

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is starfield on ps5

Starfield’s PR Director has a tough job with access to codes for one of the most-wanted games of the year. Apparently, there are still plenty of laughs in the gig, like certain publications requesting PS5 codes for one of the biggest Microsoft exclusives to date.

Starfield is off to an explosive albeit divisive start with its early access window. Some players are having the time of their lives recreating their favorite sci-fi starships, others are frustrated with the game’s slow start.

Critics of Starfield say the game’s flaws make the initially controversial scores from various publications more understandable. The pre-release hype was somewhat deflated by viral leaks that were thought to be a result of easy access to review codes.

One group of people who certainly won’t have early (or any) codes for Starfield are PS5 users but apparently, that hasn’t stopped them from asking. Bethesda’s Senior Director of PR Matt Frary revealed in a tweet that media outlets had nonetheless been asking him for Starfield PS5 codes.

Starfield PS5 codes are definitely not a thing

For context, Starfield is definitely not coming to PlayStation consoles and likely never will. Frary reiterated that fact in a tweet about his experience handling the game’s launch.

“Shout out to the small handful of reviewers who requested a PS5 code unironically,” Freary posted. “ I may not have responded, but just know… you made me laugh.”

Starfield’s Xbox and PC exclusivity has caused the fires of the console wars to rage around any discussion of the game. The same was true for the comments section of Frary’s Tweet which led him to qualify his statement.

“This isn’t a console dig,” He clarified. “It’s a dig at contacts not checking their work.” It seems like certain publications may not have done a thorough enough scan of their email templates and wound up with some egg on their faces.

Starfield bucket head
There was a petition to get Starfield on PS5 but it was obviously unsuccessful.

If you are on Xbox and can’t wait for Starfield, we’ve got all the info on how to get early access. There’s a particularly nifty trick to save yourself some money through Game Pass.

If you do have your hands on Starfield already or just want to do a bit of prep for the Standard Edition launch, check all of our handy gameplay guides.

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