All Starfield factions & groups confirmed so far

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Starfield factionsBethesda

Starfield features plenty of different planets and locations for you to visit, and these places also have many factions to encounter. Here are all the factions in Starfield, and their backstory.

In a world as big as Starfield, no settlement is big enough for just one person. Being part of a team is going to come into play. You’ll feel less lonely, and gaining friends and allies will likely come with some quests to finish too.

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However, with Starfield being such a large game, knowing what the factions are and what each one stands for is vital. Here are all the factions and groups we currently know are part of Starfield to help players start their journeys.

All factions and groups confirmed for Starfield

Starfield Constellation Members In HeadquartersBethesda

Currently, there are 11 different factions and groups confirmed to be in Starfield, with each having a varied amount of influence and fighting power:

With each faction and group standing for their own morals and having a varied amount of influence, it’s important you know a little about each one before getting into the game.

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The Constellation group is where you’ll start the game. You’re already a part of this faction, which is committed to uncovering all the mysteries of the galaxy. They love looking for rare artifacts and exploration, which is likely why your character joins them in the first place.

Given its connection to the player, this is the faction Bethesda has said the most about. According to the official lore timeline, Constellation was founded in 2275 by Sebastian Banks. Its headquarters is called The Lodge, and it’s located in New Atlantis.

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Of the 20+ potential companions, four are from this group. These characters also serve as the game’s romance options, though it’s possible there are more.

United Colonies

starfield loreBethesda

The United Colonies is one of two interstellar governments in Starfield, with influence everywhere. It has a long history that starts in 2159, just three years after humanity first reached Alpha Centauri and long before the game’s events start in 2330. This faction even founded the city of New Atlantis – its capital – and have been extremely powerful for decades.

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They have had a rather impressive rivalry with the Freestar Collective faction, even getting into a Colony War with them back in the late 2100s. Ultimately, they’re a powerful force in both the political and military sense, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for them at all times.

Freestar Collective

As mentioned, the Freestar Collective is the rival to the United Colonies. Established in 2189, this organization is a confederation of star systems headquartered in Akila City.

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They’ve engaged in a bloody war and feels much like the wild western element of Starfield. The Collective often distances themselves from the rest of the galaxy, protecting their denizens above all else.

Ryujin Industries

The Ryujin Industries faction is a rather exclusive group in Starfield, with members only able to join through hire only.

Not much is known about this faction, aside from the fact that it’s the more corporate aspect of the expansive game. Its headquarters is Neon, a cyberpunk city centered around the popular, largely illegal recreational drug Aurora.

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Crimson Fleet

Starfield pacifistBethesda Softworks

The Crimson Fleet are essentially the pirates of Starfield. Where the Freestar Collectives are the protective cowboys, the Crimson Fleet are the raiding space-fairing group of Pirates you can join if you want to do an evil playthrough of the game.

Its headquarters is The Key, which was once a United Colonies station located in the Kryx system.

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Xenofresh Corporation

Also located in Neon is the Xenofresh Corporation, which built the pleasure city and created Aurora.

This faction makes a ton of money off the drug and use most of it to party day and night, so expect bright lights and a neverending buzz throughout Neon.

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Ecliptic Mercenaries

The Ecliptic Mercenaries are one of the human factions of Starfield and work primarily as a group of, well, mercenaries who go on dangerous missions for clients.

These missions can involve bounty hunting and tons more risky adventures.


The Enlightened are a minor faction that represents one of the three religions present in Starfield. You currently can’t join the faction unless you choose it in the character creation so it’s worth knowing what you want from your playthrough.

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This faction is atheistic, believing that human beings should take care of each other rather than looking to a higher power. They are known for their humanitarian efforts and have their capital, the House of the Enlightened, in New Atlantis.

House of Va’ruun

serpent in starfieldBethesda

In a similar fashion to the Ecliptic Mercenaries, the House of Va’ruun are a human faction – but instead of being mercenaries, they’re extremely religious zealots who worship the Great Serpent.

Players can join this faction during character creation.

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You can check out more about the religion of Va’ruun in our guide.

Sanctum Universum

Similar to the House of Va’ruun, the Sanctum Universum is a religious group. Its adherents are called “Universals.”

While the faith was founded within the last two decades, it’s grown rapidly in that time. Universals believe that God is somewhere out there waiting for humanity to find Him. This is what drives the group’s desire to explore the universe, and they believe the Grav Drive that allows for interstellar travel is some sort of divine guidance.

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Like the other religious-based organizations, Sanctum Universum can be selected during character creation.


Currently, we don’t know too much about Spacers in Starfield, apart from the fact they’re incredibly violent and should probably be avoided at all costs. Operating all over the Settled Systems, Spacers are known to attack outsiders on sight.

So, there you have it, that’s everything we currently know about factions and groups in Starfield. When more is revealed, we will be updating this article so be sure to come back soon! While waiting for the game to come out, take a look at some of our other handy Starfield guides and content:

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