How to earn credits fast in Starfield: Best tips to maximize profits

Brad Norton
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Gathering credits fast is key in Bethesda’s Starfield, as they enable you to purchase advanced ships and equipment. Here are effective strategies for earning credits quickly in the game.

Starfield emphasizes the importance of credits, similar to previous Bethesda games. Use these credits to upgrade your gear, boost your stats, and acquire valuable resources, all while establishing a home on a planet of your choice.

Naturally, you’re going to need plenty of credits for all of the above. And while you’ll no doubt amass a decent amount of this virtual currency in short order, there’s plenty you can do to help boost your income.

So as you travel the galaxy, be sure to keep these tips in mind to help earn an abundance of credits as quickly as possible in the game.

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Credits are the most essential currency in Starfield.

How to earn credits fast in Starfield

There are many tricks and habits you can employ to grab extra credits in Starfield rather quickly. Sometimes, the most obvious ideas are the most effective, and that’s the case here as our simplest piece of advice is to simply loot fallen enemies.

After clearing a room full of targets, be sure to stop what you’re doing and take the time to scavenge their bodies. Most human enemies will have some form of valuables on their person, likely even credits directly. Though even if they just have a few odd bits of equipment, that can always be picked up and sold off in no time.

Our next piece of advice is to complete missions. While it may sound exceedingly obvious, the more missions you get done, the faster you’ll earn a surplus of credits. The sums start small and gradually rise as you advance through not only the main Constellation storyline, but various side questions and faction missions too. So if you’re looking for credits, be sure to blitz through missions where possible.

There’s also the more frowned upon action to help boost your income, be it by pickpocketing NPCs directly or looting from their safes with your lockpicking skills. Every now and then these nefarious acts can provide a mountain of credits with barely any effort required.

Below is a quick list of the best tips to help earn credits as quickly as possible in Starfield:

  • Loot every dead enemy
  • Complete missions
  • Pickpocket NPCs
  • Open safes with lockpicking skills
  • Raid enemy ships to steal cargo
  • Sell unwanted loot

Starfield easy credits: puddle glitch method

If you want to get easy credits and don’t mind making use of a glitch, you can perform the puddle glitch. To do this, head to Akila City and stand outside Shepherd’s General Store. If you crouch in the puddle outside the store and look at the ground, you’ll be able to open a chest that features all the items the store vendor holds.

Take as much as you want, and feel free to sell those items on somewhere else. While it makes us feel a little dirty using a glitch like this, if you’re okay with using the glitch this is the fastest way to make money in Starfield at the moment.

So that’s all there is to know about earning credits as fast as you can in Starfield. We’ll be sure to update you here as other methods rise to the surface in the near future, but for now, be sure to brush up on our other Starfield guides below:

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