Best Starfield traits to pick: Alien DNA, Extrovert, Wanted & more

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Choosing your character’s traits is one of the first big decisions you’ll have to make in Starfield, and some traits are more beneficial than others in the game, so here are the best traits available to choose in the RPG.

Like previous Bethesda games, Starfield features a unique perk system that lets players adjust their gameplay experience and preferred playstyle. You can tailor your character in various ways thanks to the game’s dialogue options, and extensive skill trees.

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Selecting your character’s chosen traits at the start of the game is another way you can customize your character but you’ll have to pick carefully are they can’t be changed. With 17 traits available it can be overwhelming trying to work out which ones are better than others so we’ve got you covered.

Here are the very best traits available in Starfield, as well as a rundown of every single trait in the game.

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Starfield traits can alter your gameplay with its benefits and drawbacks

These are all 17 Starfield traits: 

  • Alien DNA
  • Dream Home
  • Empath
  • Extrovert
  • Freestar Collective Settler
  • Hero Worshipped 
  • Introvert
  • Kid Stuff
  • Neon Street Rat
  • Raised Enlightened 
  • Raised Universal 
  • Serpent’s Embrace
  • Spaced
  • Taskmaster
  • Terra Firma
  • United Colonies Native
  • Wanted

You can pick up to three of these traits, however, it is not necessary to fill all three trait slots. Furthermore, traits can contradict each other, be it clashing religious traits or not being able to be an extrovert and an introvert at the same time. 

Additionally, each trait has both drawbacks and positives, so you will need to weigh the benefits.

What are the best Starfield traits? 

There are no objectively best traits, as traits are meant to tailor your gameplay based on how you want to play the game. However, there are traits that give you the best gameplay advantage, which are the following. 

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Alien DNA: Alien DNA grants an HP boost and extra endurance, which is helpful early into your adventure, allowing more room for mistakes. However Healing items are less effective than normal. 

Wanted: Wanted increases your damage when you’re at low health. However, bounty hunters can randomly appear and attack you. These bounty hunters can give more XP and loot for you though, so it may be a good trait depending on how you want to approach your adventure. 

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Hero Worshipped: The traits will see adoring fans randomly gift you various items, and they can even join your crew. However, the drawback is they randomly turn up, and they can get rather annoying.

Kid Stuff: You can visit your parents as they are alive and well, and when visiting them you can receive various bonuses. However, 2% of your credits will be sent home to them by default. 

These are just a short list of the most universally useful traits to have, however, you may decide to go a different way. Be it joining a religious group like the Enlightened or Sanctum Universum, or fully committing to space travel with the Spaced trait. 

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Those are the best traits in Starfield! For more on the game, check out our guides below:

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