Xbox fans left furious as Starfield PS5 rumors swirl: “It’s pointless to own”

Ethan Dean
Starfield PS5

Rumors that multiple Xbox exclusives including Starfield are coming to PlayStation 5 have swept the internet. Xbox gamers are feeling cheated by Microsoft and have lashed out at the company.

Gamers the world over have been rocked by revelations that multiple Xbox-only titles may be about to lose their exclusivity. Rumors have been bubbling over the last few weeks surrounding Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves moving to third-party platforms.

While there was some disappointment among Xbox players at the possibility of losing these exclusives, it’s nothing compared to the news that broke on February 4, 2024. Trusted news site XboxEra revealed that inside sources at Microsoft have confirmed a planned release for Starfield on PlayStation 5.

Following this, the floodgates opened and multiple sources began reporting that other major exclusives including Halo Infinite and the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Great Circle may also be released on PlayStation consoles. The news has enraged Xbox die-hards.

There has been no official word from Microsoft or their Xbox division surrounding the reports as of yet, despite fans crying out for clarity. Xbox-focused news outlets on X have been attempting to take the temperature of the situation following credible claims that Starfield is coming to PS5.

The mood is incredibly bleak among the more dedicated Xbox gamers who feel as if they’ve been swindled. “They literally scammed us,” one player said. “I bought my series X consoles off this Bethesda acquisition [after] being told they would be exclusive.”

Similar sentiments are being echoed elsewhere on X with Xbox gamers wondering what reason players have to buy Microsoft’s hardware if there are no exclusives. “It’s pointless to own an Xbox now,” a disgruntled fan expressed. “If we don’t get the likes of GOW, Spider-Man, and Uncharted, I’ll be pi**ed.”

Whether or not PlayStation will reciprocate this sort of cross-platform unity is unclear. Frankly, it’s still not entirely clear whether there is any stock to the apparent loss of exclusivity for titles like Starfield and Halo.

The initial reporting on Starfield’s potential PlayStation 5 release cited inside sources at Xbox that wished to remain anonymous.

In saying that, many prominent industry figures have lent credibility to these reports with the attitude that where there is smoke, there is fire.

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